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Truck Drivers And Rest Stop Attendants, What Are Some Of The Most Bizarre, Funniest, Or Just Straight-Up Weird Things You've Witnessed Or Experienced?

If it felt like a fever dream, I'm all ears.

The world can be a tough and difficult place, but it can also be strange and straight-up bizarre. That said, I'm convinced that truck drivers and rest station attendants know a thing or two about peculiar experiences considering the fact that truck drivers are constantly on the move, and rest station attendants see a number of people coming and going. So, if you're a truck driver or work at a rest station or truck stop, please prove me right and tell me all about the wildest, funniest, or strangest things you've experienced or witnessed.

Adam Rodrigo as Tito from "Magic Mike 2" is dancing inside of a gas station. The attendant is just staring at him, unimpressed

Maybe you're a truck driver who was caught in traffic and couldn't help but notice a driver (or drivers) who wasn't wearing pants.

Maybe you were driving along, minding your own business, then suddenly saw a motorcyclist playing a Diana Ross song on the trumpet.

Maybe you were working a shift at the rest station and saw a goat hopping out of the passenger seat. You tried to convince yourself that the graveyard shift was just taking a toll on you, but nope — it was a goat.

Rob Schneider as Marvin in "The Animal" is kissing Nelly the goat

Or perhaps you were taking out the trash and saw someone crouched down with a cutting board making a fruit salad.

Rachael Ray is cutting a watermelon

The possibilities are truly endless, so if you're a truck driver or rest station attendant and something fever-dream-esque has happened to you, I'm aching to know. Comment your story below or fill out this Google form for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!