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Tell Me The Signs That Indicate Someone Isn't A "Girl's Girl"

I'm a girl's girl first and a human second.

If you don't know what a "girl's girl" is, it's basically a term (especially beloved by Gen Z'ers these days!) to describe a girl or woman who looks out for other women, stands up for other women, and doesn't disparage or disrespect other women for the sake of male validation or attention. By that definition alone, you'd think everyone would wanna be a girl's girl, but unfortunately, sometimes that's not the case.

Group of six women sitting in a bus, looking forward with varying expressions

So girlies, I'm here to ask: What are some signs that someone isn't a girl's girl?

Maybe you had a "friend" who always viewed you as a competition and would always find a way to put you down. They always tried belittling you in front of others to make themselves look better, and you just didn't feel very supported by them.

Woman in red dress writing on heart-shaped board, and another woman with side-swept hair looking concerned

Maybe you knew a woman who actively pursued a relationship with someone, even after discovering they already had a partner. And rather than letting the partner know about the cheating, they just continued.

Scene from a film with two women conversing; one in a blue uniform with a name tag, the other in sleepwear

Maybe you've been in a situation before where you came to a party or the club with some friends, but then they left you in the middle of the night to do their own thing without telling you or checking up on you.

Two characters from a film, one wearing a pageant crown, receiving a kiss on the cheek from the second character

Or maybe, in general, you just get the major ick when you overhear another woman making fun of another woman's interests, makeup, clothes, or whatever else — just to be mean.

Two characters from the film 'Mean Girls' in a school corridor, facing each other

Whatever the case, I want to know what you think signals that someone isn't a girl's girl. Whether from past experiences or in general, I'd love for you to share! Let me know in the comments, or you can anonymously submit using this form.