These Are The Things That Happen When You Become An Honorary Aunt Or Uncle

    "You're pregnant! That is so scary."

    Finding out your best friend is pregnant is always exciting...and definitely terrifying. But once you get your honorary parent badge on lock, you’ll be the best uncle/aunt to ever exist:

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    When you first meet that little bundle of joy, you'll be so worried about how delicate and precious the baby is that you won’t even want to move.

    Cha-ching, cha-ching. You don't even realize you're spending all your money like bills don't matter anymore.

    And after a longgg day of babysitting, a simple glass of wine becomes a blessing.

    You start to care less about what you wear even when you're off-duty.

    OMG! It's a huge stepping-stone when they take their first steps...

    ...and it's only right that you pull out your phone, because this is a big fuckin' deal to you!

    But once that lil' baby shows their less-than-cute side, you'll be so ready for Mom or Dad to come home.

    But as they get older, they'll keep you younger, because you're never too old for "childish" games.

    You'll teach them about self-love and empowerment.

    And the motto, “what’s mine is yours,” is applied to everything when you spend time with them.

    You soon realize that your niece or nephew is a better wingman than any of your friends.

    But wrapping up the day gets a little harder as they get older...

    It’s like you’ve found a new appreciation for your mini-me.

    And you know they appreciate you, too. ❤️