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What's Your Drunk Alter Ego?

The Real Housewives of your drunk mind.

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We've all been here before...

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Forecast shows the weekend is coming — it's TIME to PARTY! Which drunk alter ego do you take on?

1. If you go into the night with pizza on the brain, you might be the Famished Drunk.

Your main mission is nutrition, which is why you had a balanced meal before heading out to the club. But in retrospect, it seems kinda ridiculous, considering how hard you're campaigning for nachos right now.

2. Or perhaps you get nostalgic AF and you're the Sentimental Drunk.

Remember in high school, when we used to, like, have sleepovers? Why don't we do that anymore?

3. Day drinking? Yes, please. No one does ~dartying~ like the Brunch Drunk.

Life isn't all bubbles and sun rays, but it should be! Everything's fine and dandy until you're hurling out an Uber window at 2 in the afternoon.

4. And if you get cornered by that politically incorrect aunt at your cousin's birthday party, you know you're turning into the Family Event Drunk.

But don't fret, you're single, which is something no one gives a flip about since your sister and her fiancé are the center of attention.

5. The Philosophical Drunk will be taking shots one minute and talking about the cosmos the next.

Who cares if it's the office holiday party? You have a responsibility to connect the dots on how you think Harry Potter was actually written by Elena Ferrante!

6. And lordt, if you're the Expressive Social Media Drunk, you know you need your phone taken away.

What better way to show the world how #BLESSED you are than with a tweet with no vowels?

7. The DIY Drunk thinks that a couple shots of whiskey and a glue gun make a perfectly acceptable combo.

The couch needs a reupholstering, and all you have is spray paint? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

8. And the Vanishing Drunk...well, no one peaces out like them.

UGH, This guy!

Which drunk alter ego do you take on?

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