11 Things Every Bridesmaid Has Been Through

    Welcome to Bridesmaids Anonymous...

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    1. Thinking the bride's sanity will eventually surface.

    2. Dealing with the Bride's "designer" friend.

    3. Shelling out a small fortune for a dress you'll NEVER wear again.

    4. Learning extensive choreography for a reception dance.

    5. Dealing with the "aesthetics over function" bride.

    6. Joining the bride on a weird wedding diet.

    7. Putting in hard work for months, only to buy your own damn drinks at the party!

    8. Fighting every urge you have not to flip off the camera during the 5 hour long photo session.

    9. Realizing all you've eaten is champagne.

    10. Living with the constant fear of a wardrobe malfunction.

    11. Personally discovering how many mimosas are too many.

    But when it's your turn, you know you'd never put your friends through all of this.... right?!