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7 Reasons Kawhi Leonard Is The MVP We Deserve, But Not The One The League "Needs"

Kawhi Leonard has established himself as one of the NBA's top players and he definitely deserves his place in the MVP conversation. What you may not have realized is that he may or may not be the Batman.

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1. He Has His Alter Ego Down to a Science.

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Kawhi Leonard is the most mild-mannered NBA superstar in the league today. You won't catch him thumping his chest, he just does his part and then moves on with his normal life. This is clearly an alter-ego developed to throw us off his true origin story. We may never know the true backstory of this silent super power. But we know one thing, he won't tell us.

2. He Has Supernaturally Large Hands.

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Instead of relying on technology, Kawhi relies on his natural abilities. Kawhi Leonards hands measure in at a whopping 9.75 inches long! This is almost 2 1/2 inches longer than the standard human male.

His massive mitts have helped him steal the ball 126 times this season, which is more steals than fouls committed this season.

3. He Protects His City Against All Threats.

Batman Has Gotham, and Kawhi has San Antonio. Leonard is a force on defense and no one messes with his city. Kawhi consistently guards the opposing teams best players, and makes their lives very difficult whenever they come to visit San Antonio.

Check out this great block on fellow MVP candidate Russell Westbrook!

4. He Is A Team Player.

Batman is part of the famous Justice League. Every great super hero needs back up now and then and Kawhi is no exception to that. After Tim Duncan retired last year, many thought the Spurs would finally show some weakness. Leonard and his team made adjustments and kept their spot right at the top of the league.

5. He Has His Very Own Batmobile.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated. Kawhi revealed that despite his NBA salary, he still drives a 1997 Chevy Tahoe. Our conclusion, it's actually a painstakingly crafted super vehicle, designed to blend in with the local Texans.

6. His Opponents Seem Very Familiar.

Hear us out on this one...

Bane: A massive man who uses his strength and power to dominate.

Who's Convinced?


Ultimately, the league will most likely name a flashier player as this years MVP. They need the media that a Harden, Westbrook, or James can generate. But for true fans, Kawhi Leonard is the MVP we deserve, just not the one the NBA needs.

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