Trump Suits Say "Made In The USA" — And Imported. Which Is It?

    Amazon lists suits from Trump's clothing line as both "Imported" and "Made in the USA." BuzzFeed News found out how the claims measure up.

    Made in...where, exactly?

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    No matter what hat Donald J. Trump is wearing — real estate developer, television star, presidential candidate, purveyor of steaks and vodka — he always looks sharp in his trademark dark suit and bright, wide-knotted tie.

    Fans of the look may be excited to know that Donald J. Trump’s signature collection of menswear is available for purchase.

    Amazon is the main seller of Trump’s clothes. (Macy’s stopped carrying them last year, after Trump’s controversial comments about Mexican immigrants.) But the online retailer seems a little confused about where the suits were made.

    It lists some of them as both “Imported” and “Made in USA.” Those can't both be true, right? To get to the bottom of this mystery, we ordered two suits.

    After all, bringing overseas manufacturing jobs back to America is a cornerstone of Trump’s presidential campaign. He even SWORE OFF OREOS after Nabisco moved some jobs to Mexico.

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    As it turns out, however, Trump has frequently gone abroad to get stuff made. BuzzFeed News visited a grim factory in Honduras where people made Trump shirts for a few dollars a day.

    Even on U.S. soil, Trump doesn’t give all of his jobs to Americans. Just last month, he applied to bring in 78 people from other countries to staff his private club in Palm Beach. He said there were no Americans available to do the work.

    But back to the subject at hand: Where did they make those “Imported, Made in the USA” suits? The box finally arrived.

    We opened it up…

    Checked the label…

    And there, above a metal tag bearing Trump’s name, the answer:

    Neither Amazon nor the Trump campaign responded to requests for comment. But an Amazon customer left a comment: “A couple of weeks ago site said China???”