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Top Takeaways From Hey Whipple Squeeze This

I actually do read :)

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1. Simplicity is key.

???? wut

Bruce Lee said, "simplicity is the key to brilliance." Luke Sullivan pretty much said the same thing. Simplicity is hard to miss. It's bigger. It's more believable. It's everything.

What it means for me: Get to the point. Practice writing shorter, more impactful headlines.

2. Billboards!

Not me (yet)

Billboards force you to be simple and impactful. Sullivan said nothing focuses you on a problem like a billboard can.

What it means for me: To perfect the art of simplicity, try writing headlines or concepting pieces like they're outdoor advertising. Build it up from there.

3. Say it straight (or punnily, or terribly, or over and over again) then say it great.

Actual Nestlé taglines

Sometimes it helps to write out exactly what you want to say. Or to write puns. Or to write ideas you think are just not good, and then go from there. Get it out of your system—a blank page can be intimidating.

What it means for me: Don't be afraid to write a ton of lines. Peel the layers until you get there.

4. Don't defend work on emotional grounds or on the creativity of the execution.


Base your defense of strategy. Clients, or even account people, will have a harder time poking holes in it. Let the ad's creativity speak for itself.

What it means for me: Always make sure work is strategically sound, and have the stats/facts to back it up. It will go further that way.

5. Interesting > funny

Wait for it...

People read what's interesting to them. Sullivan says funny is a subset of interesting. It's not a language, it's an accent. And might not even be the right one.

What it means for me: Try not to misconstrue a client's ask for "witty," "cheeky" or "clever." Start with interesting and see where it goes.

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