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Bernie Still Live In This Presidential Race

Whether you're for Hilary or Donald, Bernie keeps creepin in. Check out these hilarious tweets after the second presidential debate.

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Every time Donald Trump tries to use Bernie Sanders to win an argument, big league. 😉 #debate

Twitter: @BarrettAll

We'll start off this one. We're all thinking it

trump: to quote bernie bernie: i thought i blocked u get out of my mentions

Twitter: @LUPATIER

And this one, cause i mean - Bernie and Trump friends? nahhh

Does @realDonaldTrump think if he says #Bernie enough times we will vote for him? 😂😂😂😂 #debates

Twitter: @tomofromearth

This guy who knows

Bernie Sanders was just a cool old man tryna make weed legal, college affordable, and wages higher HOW did we end up w Trump and Clinton

Twitter: @BallHawk_Carter

This tweeter who hit millennial minds smack dab right on

Trump is really trying to appeal to Bernie’s supporters by name dropping Bernie left and right #DebateNight

Twitter: @chescaleigh

Trump is that true??!!

My Bernie friends watching the #Debate with me say they are now voting for Trump. #HillaryForPrison

Twitter: @YoungDems4Trump

Andddd that just happened

Now, Trump is attacking Michelle...? ...this is all over the place. Bernie...superdelagates...

Twitter: @kurteichenwald

This tweeter, who's just as confused as the rest of us

What if Trump&HRC peeled skin off&they were both Bernie Sanders&both Bernies ran into each others bodies&became President Super Bernie.

Twitter: @moshekasher

This tweeter, who's fairly optimistic about our next president

cooper: do u pay taxes trump: no! cooper: so you dont trump: of course i do cooper: what trump: bernie sanders cooper: wait what trump: isis

Twitter: @jonnysun

This tweeter, who accurately summed up the debate. No need to watch

i hate yall so much for not voting for bernie

Twitter: @mattsdaddarios

The only appropiate way to use THE Kim crying face

Twitter: @madisonlawrence

Ha ha haaaa

Trump keeps mentioning Bernie like they are homies....bruh Bernie is like

Twitter: @KaileyCost

When in doubt, Mariah it out

Bernie Sanders sitting at home right now, eating a pint of Ben and Jerry's and mumbling "keep my name out of your mouth, dude"

Twitter: @acarboni

Times like these we wish Bernie tweeted his mind. Wait, where's Chrissy Teigen?

#BernieSanders tonight (AGAIN) #debate

Twitter: @lanfordbeard

Twitter going off like Bernie don't want you talkin bout him

When the country is about to go up in flames but you voted for #BernieSanders so it's not your fault #debate

Twitter: @x0myriiahdii0x

She's just sippin her tea

Bernie Sanders: I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative

Twitter: @kelseydarragh

lol forreal? Nah, Bernie set this narrative

Twitter: @USATODAYcollege

Bernie, we feel you man

If you missed the second debate you can catch it online and twitter. Just know, more than likely, you will be confused and wondering what 2016 has come to. Enjoy!

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