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10 Reasons To Become A Nurse

This list includes 10 reasons as to why someone should become a nurse. Along with the reasons listed, it also provides gifs from the popular TV show, Friends.

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1. Because listening to people complain is fun. / Via

Although listening to patients complain that they are in pain can become overwhelming, the rewarding feeling you get after helping them overcome the pain is indescribable.

2. Because who doesn't love getting to go to work in clothes that feel like pajamas. / Via

Not having to get up even earlier to dress professionally and look nice allows you to rest longer in preparation for the exhausting shift you are about to have.

3. Because you get to make your own schedule. / Via

Having to work only 3 days of the week and then have 4 days off leaves for a lot of free time to do whatever you want.

4. Because you get to see different things every day. / Via

Being a nurse a will never get boring. You get to see new things and patients every day and you never know what to expect.

5. Because putting yourself at risk for contracting many diseases is ideal. / Via

Although you work around a lot of sick people, you eventually develop an immunity to many of those diseases and there is protective equipment for you to wear to avoid exposing yourself to some of the really dangerous diseases.

6. Because working on holidays is always fun.


Although working on holidays is not ideal, working one holiday one year assures that you will not have to work that same holiday the next year.

7. Because having conflicting schedules with your friends and family is fun. / Via

Because of the fact that sometimes your days off may fall on days that your friends and family may be working, it is hard to find time to see them. However, you always manage to work it out.

8. Because you will never have a hard time finding a job. / Via

Nurses are always in high demand so you rarely have difficulty finding a job.

9. Because you will make a lot of money. / Via

Nurses typically make around $64,000 a year, depending on the state they live in, how much experience they have, and the type of nurse they are.

10. Because you always have a team of people to support you in whatever you do. / Via

Everyone you work with knows what it is like to be in your shoes and they are there to do anything they can to help you.

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