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    Last Night Things Got Pretty Heated Between Wendy’s And Frank’s RedHot On Twitter

    Just in case you missed it, here's their sizzling thread.

    @FranksRedHot Yeah, can’t sleep.

    @FranksRedHot It’s been ok, just can’t stop thinking about stuff. Y’know?

    @Wendys I feel you... what’s on your mind?

    @FranksRedHot Like food and stuff. We think a lot about food tbh

    @Wendys Maybe we should get together sometime?

    @FranksRedHot Hmmmm, that does sound a bit...saucy. 😏

    @Wendys Saucy and maybe a little... spicy 😉

    @FranksRedHot 🤔 What do you have in mind?

    @Wendys Idk but you’ve been lookin’ like a snack lately

    @FranksRedHot ☺️ we’re a whole meal if you order right. 😉

    @FranksRedHot You bring the hot sauce, we’ll bring the...well basically any of our food you want. Fries, nuggs, Frosty?

    @Wendys Anything on the menu? You mean it?

    @FranksRedHot Just imagine the things we could make. It could be so magical.

    @Wendys So magical. See you soon, babe 😘

    Looks like we may be getting some sizzling spicy combos soon.

    1. How do you feel about Frank's RedHot Sauce?

      How do you feel about Frank's RedHot Sauce?

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