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    35 Entertaining Things For Anyone Who Needs Some Excitement In Their Life

    Just a bunch of boredom busters sure to make your day a little brighter.

    1. A mini piñata–making kit so you can create and decorate three fun shapes to either treasure as decor or fill with candy and beat to a pulp. There are no wrong answers here!

    2. A mini waffle stick maker for whipping up dippable breakfast treats any time. Up the fun and get creative with different batter, sauce, and topping combinations!

    the waffle iron that makes four sticks at once

    3. A pack of reflection cards to spark deep and meaningful conversations between you and your loved ones. The cards are color-coded by theme, so you can guide the conversation through certain topics and get a better understanding of yourself and those around you.

    the cards and box

    4. A long-lasting temporary tattoo kit that comes with tons of stencils so you can give yourself some fresh ink without the commitment, or test out a new idea you've been thinking about booking an appointment for.

    5. An electric gummy maker if your inner child is begging to turn your kitchen into a candy factory. Experiment with all the colors and flavors your little heart desires, and even add in CBD oils to create your own calming candies.

    gummies next to the device

    6. A bottle of semi-permanent hair dye because life's too short to commit to one hair color.

    7. A freakin' sushi bazooka so you can create picture-perfect sushi rolls at home with ease. Simply load it up with your favorite ingredients, push it out, slice it up, and voilà!

    a round roll being pushed out of a plunger like device

    8. Some adhesive floral nail wraps for getting a bold salon-quality manicure at home without shelling out the big bucks. If applied correctly, they should last for around a week (or more!) and all you have to do is peel, stick, file, and finish with a topcoat.

    a model wearing the floral nail wraps while holding a package of them

    9. A book of 642 tiny things to draw to get your creative juices flowing and earn that officially unofficial doodling degree.

    a small book that fits in the crook of a reviewer's hand

    10. A heavy-duty jumbo Jenga game that'll (quite literally) raise those game night stakes.

    a reviewer photo of the large jenga set being played with

    11. A bamboo-blend single-layer bento box if you need a good-looking reason to get excited about packing your lunch.

    12. A DIY puffy sticker kit because it turns out the only thing more fun than covering your notebook in stickers is covering your notebook in stickers you created.

    13. Kan Jam so you can spice up your outdoor game selection with a family-friendly one that's easy to learn and easy to toss in the car for picnics and beach vacations alike.

    a model slapping a yellow frisbee into a black Kan Jam bin

    14. A pair of fondue mugs for anyone not getting enough melted chocolate and cheese in their life. These personal pots make fuss-free fondue a reality!

    a model dipping a strawberry into a mug filled with chocolate fondue with a tea candle in the bottom compartment of the mug

    15. A fun and strategic tree-themed board game to get in touch with nature even when it's too hot or cold to step outside.

    16. A box of Cat Tarot cards with a guidebook that'll have you predicting the future with feline flair. Even undesirable readings feel less dire when there's a cute little kitty staring back at you.

    the cards with various cute cats on them

    17. A quick and easy Toy Story pizza maker if your love for quick and delicious pizza is comparable to your love for talking toys and their zany adventures.

    the round red pizza maker with a Pizza Planet logo on top

    18. A prefilled tie-dye kit because a blissful afternoon spent crafting does a person good, and the dingy white T-shirt stuffed in the back of your drawer could use a colorful update.

    19. A Udemy online class so you can dive into a new hobby like photography, advance your career with Python training, or just finally learn how to play "Wonderwall" on guitar.

    model holds camera

    20. A bold pair of haunted piano pants for spicing up your comfy clothes wardrobe with a made-to-order pair of fleece-lined joggers I can almost guarantee you won't find anywhere else.

    me wearing joggers that are half piano pattern and half black with moons and little winged demons

    21. A catch-and-release aquarium kit to get up close and personal with marine life and then, in the wise words of Mike Wazowski, put that thing back where it came from!

    22. An easy-to-use ravioli press that makes at-home pasta prep simple. Why, yes, I did make all this pasta from scratch. And, yes, this ravioli is filled with chocolate.

    23. A National Geographic geode kit if you're a curious kid (or adult) who likes admiring shiny things and smashing rocks open with a hammer — *raises hand*.

    hand holds up open geode in front of box

    24. The Bridgerton soundtrack LP because your version of morning hype music is obviously a regency-inspired string quartet rendition of "Thank You, Next."

    the blue record sliding out of the sleeve

    25. A Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 so you can become your friend group's paparazzi (they'll love feeling like the main character) and start hanging up and enjoying your creations almost instantly.

    26. Machi Koro — a card-building game that's short, quick to learn, and makes you the mayor of a new city you design. Don't let all that power go to your head 😉

    the game box

    27. For the less competitive among us, try Ravine — a cooperative game that has players working together to survive in the woods from the safety of your dining table.

    the game table box on a table with different cards

    28. A stylish pet sofa bed to treat your furry friend to some lavish new digs while entertaining yourself with all the fun photo ops of your pet perched on mini furniture.

    a dog sitting on a gray miniature couch

    29. A mini Magic 8-Ball that proclaims to be the world's smallest, but that won't take away from the big fun you'll have entertaining all your curiosities.

    a model holding out a finger and balancing a mini magic eight ball

    30. A pack of bendy foam curling rods in a range of sizes if you're nostalgic for heatless styling and want to recreate grandma's iconic curls without sleeping on painful plastic rollers.

    31. A Hulu subscription so you can escape into someone else's exciting life with a huge selection of TV shows and movies to stream.

    hulu screen

    32. An all-in-one scarf-knitting kit because you've already had your first PSL of the season, and what better way to fully get into the fall spirit than by knitting up a cozy creation.

    model wears long knit scarf

    33. A watermelon ball filled with (you guessed it) water instead of air. The added weight makes it possible to dribble, bounce, and pass it underwater, adding a whole new dimension to the family's roster of pool games.

    model in pool with watermelon ball

    34. An avocado seed–growing kit for enjoying the miracle of life by transforming your old avocado pit into a new plant baby to tend to.

    35. A pack of scratch-off lunchbox notes for combining the thoughtfulness of a handwritten note with the satisfying and exciting reveal of a lottery card.

    We're aiming for less boredom and more of this: