What Girlie Of 826 Are You?!

Find out which fun and flirty girl you relate to most!

  1. What is your go to drink?
    1. Vodka with Crystal Light
    2. Beer
    3. Tequila
    1. Margz
    2. Vodka with Sparkling Water
    3. Wine
    1. Michelob Ultra
    2. I dont drink much
  2. Whats cookin good lookin?
    1. Spaghetti errythang
    2. Salmon
    3. Asian Zing
    1. Chicken
    2. Pizza
    3. Tanners
    1. Cooking something out of your moms cookbook
    2. JPs
  3. What song would you most likely DJ?
    1. Something you can flick your wrist too
    2. Party in the USA
    3. Look But Dont Touch
    1. Something Ghetto
    2. Not Country Jamz
    3. I dont DJ
    1. SOMO
    2. Top 40
  4. Celeb Crush
    1. Michael Stukel
    2. Peter Bergkamp
    3. Hot Scott
    1. Ronnie Rey Hernandez
    2. Jimmy Clark
    3. Charlie Lipford
    1. Conner Schrock
    2. Ryan Porter
  5. Who is your favorite member of the golf team?
    1. Hank Simpson
    2. Connor Knabe
    3. Trent Evans
    1. Ben Fernandez
    2. Seth Smith
    3. JIP
    1. I hate them all
    2. Boyz w the accentz
  6. What is the most annoying thing about you?
    1. Monogramming every f%$*ing thing you owns
    2. Driving i.e-gas pedal, gas pedal
    3. Sleeping with eyes open
    1. OCD
    2. The giraffe in your room
    3. Influencing bad eating and making your friends fatter than u
    1. Homewrecking ways
    2. High pitched drunk voice
  7. What are you most likely doing at a party?
    1. Telling boys you have a band that plays at Annie Mays
    2. Sweating your a$$ off & challenging people to dance offs
    3. Snack or Shack
    1. Dirty Dancing
    2. On the lookout for Logan Breaut
    3. M/O w random boys
    1. Hang with boyf
    2. Making an alter ego
  8. What is your go to room theme?
    1. Messy
    2. Beachy
    3. Girly Girl
    1. Clean
    2. Country & Rustic
    3. Barbie
    1. Metallic
    2. Cold

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