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Turn Plastic Sacks Into A Recycled Tote

Reusable bag? I make my own.

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You know those plastic grocery sacks you keep collection in your kitchen cabinets? Put 'em to use.

Daniel Castro / Via BuzzFeed

Plastic Textile


Plastic bags

Parchment paper


Rotary cutter

Cutting mat


# Preheat iron to approximately 300 °F.

# Line work surface with parchment paper.

# Square 4 plastic bags by cutting off handles and bottoms.

# Unfold bags completely and layer on top of each other.

*Note: bags with printing must be turned inside-out.

# Cover bags with parchment paper and begin to iron.

# Melt bags evenly by moving iron continuously.

# Flip bags occasionally and check for unfused areas.

# Repeat to make 5 sheets.



5 sheets of fused plastic

Sewing machine

Heavy thread

Rotary cutter

Cutting mat


# Cut raw edges to square all sheets.

# Cut a 2-inch square from the bottom corners of two sheets.

# Cut two vertical 2-inch strips from one sheet.

# Overlay a sheet without corners and a full sheet.

# Pin together with a 2-inch seam allowance. Repeat for other sheets.

# Sew each panel across overlap.

# Fold and pin 2-inch strips in half.

# Sew down the middle.

# Measure across top of panel marking 2-inches on either side of center point.

# Align strip ends to marked points and sew a square to secure.

# Align panels and pin together inside-out.

# Sew sides and bottom, leaving corners raw.

# Pinch corners and sew across.

# Turn inside out.

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