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Which 305 1/2 Housemate Are You?

It's self explanatory right?

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  1. What is your go-to meal?

    Salmon, vegetables, rice
    Tofu, and real food
    Salad better than freshii salad
  2. What do you do in your spare time?

    Netflix and chill
    making salads better than freshii salad
  3. What is your go-to night out?

    Singing throwback at Undies with all my baes
    Sippin on beers at the Brooklyn during trivia
    Geting drunk af and dancing your little heart out at...pretty much anywhere
  4. What is your drink of choice?

    Gin and Tonic
    Vodka Cran
    White wine
  5. What are you doing post night out?

    Drinking lime water to detox your retox
    Being the only one with a key to house
    Getting pizza for free from some guy
  6. What is your favourite way of sweating?

    Squash/ yoga/ running/ leg magic/ Tabata/ just living life
    leaving for class 2 min before it starts
  7. What's you're type of guy?

    Someone who likes long walks, acro yoga, and harmonizing with me
    Someone with a great free kick
    White boy fuck boy
  8. What's your spirit animal

    Super cool otter
    regular otter
  9. What is a poster you have in your room?

    Naked Channing Tatum
    Kiwi Flag
    Thai Beach
  10. Why did you do this quiz?

    Came home drunk why not?
    I'm supposed to be studying for my 50% exam
    fuck it I graduated

Which 305 1/2 Housemate Are You?

You got: You got JULIA YA

You're a fun loving brunette ready for any adventure. Not only are you super smart, kind and friendly you're always ready to go out and have a blast of a night. Also you're the only person in the house who knows where the fuse box is. You're the sexy momma, the handy woman, the logical and responsible one but also the best hope of survival in an apocalypse.

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You got: You got MICHELLE YAAY

You are extremely sweet, energetic and most optimistic. You are most likely found jamming to some soft beats with your beautiful voice. You're the only one we trust with the future education of our younglings. You say the silliest things but everyone loves you for it. Also you love to dance and have a good time on your feet. Yoga is cool too to you. You're the one people go to when they need some sparkle in their life!

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You got: You got Dani baby ;)

Hey girl you're ready to do whatever it takes to get that free slice of pizza after a night at stages. Your decor is on point, you've got sass for days and booty for weeks. Once you finally manage to leave the house (it might be midnight) but you'll dance till close and kill it on the pool table. You're the funnest girl around when your confidence rocks everyones socks.

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