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    Zara Just Released A Campaign Featuring Only Models Over 40 And It's Pretty Great

    Because age ain't nothing but a number.

    Though we tend associate Zara with millennials, the brand's latest ads are trying to reach a wholly different audience.

    Turns out, Zara just launched a campaign called "Timeless," which features models exclusively over the age of 40. And of course, they look GORGEOUS.

    Models Yasmin Warsame, Kristina de Coninck, and Malgosia Bela star in the campaign wearing pieces from Zara's autumn/winter 2017 collection.


    In addition to rocking sweet outerwear and cool suits, the models also talked about getting older and the positive things that come with age. "I prefer myself so much better now than ten years ago or twenty years ago," said Malgosia Bela, via the brand's Instagram.

    Model Yasmin Warsaw offered timeless advice. "I always suggest to people: please travel. Experience human beings in different surroundings, in different atmospheres, and different situations," she said on Instagram.

    We live in a world where getting old is considered a bad thing, and the fashion industry is not necessarily known for being an inclusive one — so let's hope this is an indication that things are changing.

    Here's to gorgeous women, no matter their age!