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10 Women Who Are Redefining What Power Suits Look Like In 2018

A power suit can be literally anything that makes you feel a little better every time you wear it.

When I think of the term ~power suit,~ polyester, shoulder pads, and a stiff outfit that belongs in the '80s comes to mind. But the '80s were almost four decades ago, and a lot has changed since. I was curious to see how women are redefining what a power suit is, and here's what they had to say:

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1. This is Jade's tailored power suit. When she wears it, she feels like the captain of her own destiny.

"I have this one tailored suit that fits me perfectly! It became my power suit because it is the first suit I got that fit me to the T, and as an androgynous woman who wears men's clothes, thats difficult. I have attended some interviews that went pretty well in that suit, I also wore this suit when I did a gig in Africa with the prime minister of finance."

How does this suit make you feel?
"This suit makes me feel like I am truly the captain of my own destiny and that only I can get in the way of what I set forth to accomplish. It's like a battery pack that helps me walk a little straighter, have more confidence, and believe that I, this little black girl, can change the world if I wanted to."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing this suit?
"I've worn this suit to my first gala, to multiple important meetings, one with a Marvel EP, and also when I pitched my first television show to a network. Being a lesbian woman who doesn't wear typical 'girly' clothes, I have always had trouble finding formal wear that makes me feel comfortable. When I first got this suit, it didn't fit quite right, but after I got it tailored at Topman, it was perfect! I remember the night of the gala when I first put on the suit, I never wanted to take it off. This suit empowers me to empower others. If you see me in my blue suit, just know I have superpowers, I'm feeling myself, and I'm on the way to making some major moves!"

2. Caelan's power suit is actually a DVF wrap dress. She's worn it for job interviews, and birthday celebrations, and has felt sexy, powerful, and professional while doing so.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

What is your ~power suit~?
"I moved to New York when I was 21 and my first job here was as a shopgirl at Diane Von Furstenberg in Soho. I got this dress as part of my 'uniform,' but I knew that it had potential to take me many other places, now I'm at Buzzfeed!"

How does wearing it make you feel?
"This dress makes me feel sexy, powerful, and professional. Mostly because it's pretty identical to a dress that Amy Adams wears in American Hustle and she is the pinnacle of a vintage, refined, and sexy style imho."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing your ~power suit~?
"I've worn this dress in polar opposite scenarios: super intimidating job interviews, and during my birthday night out in Miami! Also, I'm half convinced that it is made out of magic because the silk jersey refuses to wrinkle, it's a wrap dress so it can grow or shrink with me (v important during the holidays), and I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS IN IT!"

3. Syd's power suit, which includes colorful, stripped pants, and velvet booties, helped her land her dream job!

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"My power suit is blazer from Zara, a shirt from Aritzia, pants from Urban Outfitters, and shoes from Sam Edelman. I guess I consider this whole ~lewk~ my ultimate power suit!"

How does wearing your ~power suit~ make you feel?
"Since I'm usually not that stylish, wearing this outfit makes me feel like a glamazonian KWEEN! I feel like the stripy pants give off a fun and confident feel, but the blazer is super mature and business-y, so I think it works well together."

Any memorable moments while wearing this outfit?
"I actually bought the blazer literally an hour before my BuzzFeed interview, because I thought the rest of the outfit wasn't serious enough. I consider the outfit pretty lucky now, since (I like to think) it helped me land my dream job!"

4. Brianna's power suit is her workout gear. She got discovered by a model agency while wearing it.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"My power suit is my sports bra and leggings! I got my power suit about a year ago when I first moved to NYC. I had just graduated college and my goal was to get in the gym and get fit, so I started shopping for tons of workout gear. Mostly all from TJ Maxx because hello, DEALS!"

How does wearing it make you feel?
"I feel confident in my power suit. I used to be so self conscious because I am naturally very skinny and I never 'filled out' my workout gear, but lately, it's been nothing but good vibes."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing your ~power suit~?
"Yes! I actually got discovered by MMG modeling agency while wearing it. I went in with a friend who was already signed, and I was offered a contract!"

5. Elena's wears her blue Balenciaga jacket when she's not feeling 100%, and it makes everything better.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"It's this very vivid blue/black/metallic Balenciaga jacket that's forever old. My fiancé bought it for me as a gift years ago, which immediately makes it special. Every time I wear it people ask me about it."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"It has a boxier shape, so even when I'm not feeling 100%, I can kinda cuddle up in it, but not look like a slob. I normally wear it with a sweatshirt because it's literally my shitty day jacket, it just makes everything better."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing this?
"The last time I wore it, it was rainy and cold, and two people sitting next to me at breakfast stopped me to just gush over it, and I just felt so nice after. This isn't the first time it's happened, and I imagine not the last (at least I hope). Not that validation from strangers is something people should seek, but every now and then it's very refreshing to just know someone appreciates the effort you put into not looking cute. LOL."

6. Kayla wears her mom's blazer when she wants to feel extra powerful. Not only is it special because it belonged to her mom, it also helped her land an internship which ultimately launched her career.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"I got my blazer as a hand-me-down from my mom when I was applying for my first internships in college! I've had it for so long, but it's too special for me to let go of. Plus I still feel as confident as ever in it, so it'll stay in my closet as long as it holds up. As for me jeans, I got them at Express during a 40% off sale. I love their jeans because they're super stretchy, which makes the comfy to sit in all day."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"Every time I wear my mom's blazer, or any blazer for that matter, I feel like I just put on a cloak of confidence -- I swear it's magical. Watching her wear similar pieces throughout my childhood, and evoke such confidence when she did so, makes me feel like I can accomplish anything. I feel strong, powerful, and encouraged to make my voice heard."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing it?
"I wore this blazer during my interview for an HGTV editorial internship in college. I literally remember my exact outfit, and that black blazer was a part of it. I wore these patent leather heels that reminded me so much of my mom, and as I walked into the interview, the clicking of the heels made me think of her, and I instantly felt so much better. Anyway! I ended up getting that internship. It launched me into so many opportunities...I'd like to think it all started with that little black blazer!"

7. Jamé's suit makes her feel womanly and feminine without having to throw on a skirt or dress.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"My power suit is a bold and vibrant color like red. We've seen blazers and pant suits have a serious comeback in fashion, but I honestly think there's nothing more badass than a powerful woman in a color that just commands attention."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"I've always been someone who loves to wear color, especially rich tones that bring out my chocolate skin and bright, blonde hair. I think this suit, and other pant suits in general, make me feel powerful because it continues to show that we can be feminine and womanly without having to stick to skirts, dresses, and lace. It's something that demands you to be confident, even on days you really are not feeling it."

Anything memorable happen while wearing it?
"Nothing has happened while in my power suit per se, but I do always notice that when I have speaking engagements, panels, or even just doing something on camera, putting something on that makes me feel like a total badass puts me in my 'go get it' mode. And when I'm in that mode, I'm unconquerable. I think everyone should have at least one thing in their closet that pushes them to step out of their comfort zone and into the most rockstar version of themselves."

8. Daniela's suit helps her feel better every time period cramps wreck her.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"I have this fun, flowy, striped jumpsuit I absolutely love. My husband hates it, but idgaf. Also, he's French, he hates everything."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"It's so comfortable and it makes me feel safe. I wear it when I'm feeling off and need a little pick-me-up. It's fun, comfortable, and dare I say...stylish. I love to wear this when I'm in day one or two of my period, and my cramps are so bad I can barely get out of bed before poppin' a Midol or four. It makes my morning routine a little easier when it feels like my uterus is trying to kill me."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing this dress?
"Nothing in particular, but I do feel relieved to know I have it hanging in my closet when I don't want to think about what I'm going to wear that day. I do happen to get compliments from other women I love and admire every time I wear it, so that's nice too."

9. Cora feels like she's standing in her most flattering light when she wears her power suit, which has also doubled as her ~birthday suit.~

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"I inherited this tailored houndstooth suit from my roommate, who owned it in part because her parents are designers in Canada for Judith and Charles."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"I'd say wearing the suit is like wearing a feather-light suit of armor, or a chic, warm dress — only with pockets and twice the mobility. It's like standing in your best, most flattering light all day or talking with a friend who knows how smart and capable you are, and who's on your side."

Any memorable things happen while wearing it?
I wore the suit for my birthday when I turned 27 and so it was also my… birthday suit.

10. And Emily's suit has made her feel sexy and powerful even when her weight fluctuates.

Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

"I have this lizard/space suit I love a lot. I got it at my favorite store in the entire world, Mega Thrift, in Winston-Salem, NC a few years ago."

How does wearing it make you feel?
"I've had it for a few years, my weight has gone up and down (40lbs) and regardless I feel sexy and powerful in it. No matter what size I am, it magically fits me. When I slip it on, I feel goofy and playful, but it also makes my booty look pretty amazing."

Has anything memorable happened while wearing it?
"I wore this outfit for Halloween this year, my friends and I got dressed really early to go see a friends play. It was an afternoon show, and for some reason it didn't cross our minds that being in full costume and makeup may not be most appropriate attire. We stuck out like sore thumbs, we were surrounded by parents and grandparents who were all very nicely dressed for the theatre. But, an elderly lady next to me got a huge kick out of it and asked how I did my glitter brows. I can only hope she tried the look out herself!"

Keep wearing whatever makes you feel powerful, ladies!