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    We Need To Talk About This Penis-Shaped Makeup Brush Soap

    Feels like we're trapped in a never-ending bachelorette party.

    Remember when we thought penis-shaped lipsticks and were the most ridic thing out there?

    Bitch Slap Cosmetics, the same company behind the penis highlighter, is back at it again. This time, we're clutching our pearls thanks to their new XXL Makeup Brush Soaps.

    The soaps are shaped like an angry, bulky dude with washboard abs and a massive erection.

    But wait, there's more! If you don't want a gym rat cleaning your brushes, their Unicorn Dick soap is a great alternative.

    This glittery penis soap is veiny AF, perfect for brush cleaning.

    And if you don't trust a male genitalia near your makeup, you can always give their Vajj soaps a try.

    Questionable shapes aside, these soaps seem to actually be pretty effective.

    What a time to be alive!