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    This Woman Actually Knows What Colors You'll Be Wearing Next Year.

    And the year after that, too.

    Color is everywhere and a part of everything. Which is why we spoke to Laurie Pressman from Pantone, about what colors we'll be seeing in the coming months and years. This is what she had to say:

    According to Pantone, the spring 2018 palette is ideal for unique and dramatic color mixing. Here's what it looks like:

    These core classic shades are also gonna continue to play a critical role in the spring palette.

    So now that you've seen the new ~colors~ you're probably wondering; How does Pantone pick each season's colors? Well! They basically have a special team of experts who predict what colors will be trendy, years in advance.

    "At the Pantone Color Institute, we have a global team of trend forecasters who report on current color influences, as well as predict future color trends two to five years in advance," Pressman told BuzzFeed. "Members of this same team are also involved in the forecasting of color trends for influential material trade shows, to the fashion industry as well as finished products."

    To make their predictions, Pantone experts first look at what consumers like and dislike at the moment. They also attend trade shows to see what brands are creating.

    "When selecting top colors for the catwalk, we look at macro trend influences that are taking place, as these macro trends impact trends in color across all areas of design, including fashion," said Pressman.

    There's a ton of research involved, but a lot actually depends on the color experts and their intuition.

    "While this process may sound very simplistic, it is not," stressed Pressman. "[Our team's] eye, color intuition, and ability to connect the dots, is what has made us so successful in our color predictions....It is truly the team’s 'color eye' and 'color feel' that enables them to take what they see, and translate this into a language of color for top catwalk shades as well as the top shades we will see all across design."

    Color trends are important because they don't only dictate what you'll be wearing all year, they also reflect what's happening in the world.


    "They can immediately serve as a way for historians to understand what may have been taking place in a society at a particular point in time."

    When it comes to fashion, color is extremely important because it's the first thing we see when we buy clothes, and it's a mode of self-expression.

    "In today’s highly visual culture, color expression has become even more paramount in standing out and making a unique statement," said Pressman. "We are seeing a lot more exploration and experimentation taking place in the form of color mixing. Also, with the elimination of borders and rules, gender and age based color associations have fallen by the wayside."

    Since we know they decide on colors years in advance, we asked Laurie if she could tell us what would be on trend next winter. GET READY:

    * Beiges have moved on from their role of classic neutrals into bolder statements.

    * Grays continue and are an important vehicle for muted iridescence.

    * Khakis grow in importance as a reflection of global and eco concerns, as well as serving as a natural antidote to the color exaggeration we have been seeing in the market.

    * Energetic yellows are golden and honeyed.

    * Browns grow warmer and more chocolatey.

    * Pinks fall into two camps: Shocking and bright, or a vanishing, cosmetic tone.

    * The purples continue to show up — from those more subtle, to the depths of a deeper, darker blue purple tone.

    * Reds veer from orangey red to brown-based reds.

    * Greens are polarized between those that are sharp, bright, acidic to the deep dark piney greens.

    * Turquoise blues become more prominent.

    * Blues in general move darker and more blackened, though pale blues and bright blues still exist.

    * Black is omnipresent in all finishes.

    * White moves into an accepted winter shade.

    Now you know! Stock up on gray and black sweaters for winter 2019, since it seems like they'll never go out of style.

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