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This Is What Happens If You Don't Cut Your Nails For Three Years


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She does her nails herself, every two weeks.

"I don't do them more often because it's too time-consuming and I get lazy. But the nail polish never chips because I'm always very careful with my nails and a use a good base and top coat."


And contrary to popular belief, going to the bathroom with long nails is not really a problem for Simone.

"Many people think that going to the bathroom, doing my makeup, or typing on my phone is difficult, but surprisingly, it's no problem at all. Picking up coins or credit cards is kind of tricky though."

So, why has she kept them this long, for so long? Well, she really, really likes them this way, and they've become a part of who she is.

"The longer they got, the more I liked them. Many people complimented me and it made me so happy. Over time, they became a part of me and my identity, so it became more and more difficult to cut them. I guess you could say I'm addicted to growing my nails."

And for anyone thinking of criticizing her nails, she's OK with it — just don't be rude.

"I can completely understand that some people don't like my nails, and it's also fine for them to share their opinion about them with me, but please don't insult me or be rude to me. It's OK to look different because the world would be a very sad place if everyone looked the same."