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    This Is The Right Way High-End Fashion Can Borrow From Other Cultures

    Christian Louboutin worked with Mayan artisans to create his new Treasure Tote.

    If you're not familiar with the name Christian Louboutin by now, a picture of his famous red bottom shoes will surely refresh your memory:

    These are ~fancy schmancy~ and retail for $675 a pair.

    The famous French designer used traditional Mexican weaving and embroidery techniques for his new Treasure Tote: MEXICABA.

    Though the fashion industry is notorious for "borrowing" from other cultures without giving credit where credit is due, it was a nice surprise to see that Louboutin actually did it right.

    He travelled to Mexico to work with Taller Maya, a studio brand that partners with artisans from the Yucatan Peninsula who create authentic pieces with historical cultural value.

    Taller Maya strives to preserve authentic craftsmanship and helps ensure the long-term economic stability of the artisans they work with.

    Needless to say, Louboutin was impressed by the artisans' talent, and delighted to work with them.

    He's also donating 10% of profits from each MEXICABA sold to Taller Maya.

    If you're still not down with Louboutin, but you'd still like to support the culture, you can always just buy directly from the artisans.