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    This Floral Eyeliner Trend Will Make You Look Like A Beautiful Fairy

    It's like flower crown for you eyes!

    Spring has sprung, and our love for everything floral has blossomed.

    Sorry for the flower pun.

    It's a given that flowers and spring go together just like unicorns and 2017, so this eyeliner trend will fit right in along with your seasonal allergies.

    20th Century Fox

    Though this is not a new trend per se, it resurfaces every year with a different touch.

    Any why wouldn't you want to turn your eyelids into a pretty flower garden?

    @breannasmithxmakeup /

    You can mix and match different types of florals to make your look more ~avant garde.~

    @skbbeauty /

    Into flowers but not so into pastels? That's cool — keep it dark with just a touch of spring.

    @georgiarosex /

    If you rather rock something more on the minimalistic side, you can add a few tiny flowers at the end of your wing.

    @gracemartin2506 /

    How adorable are these tiny flowers???

    @rikkehundal /

    You can get creative with it by adding a little patch of green (grass) under your flowers.

    @the_cosmic_mua /

    Or a touch of gold for a more regal look.

    @chelseywolz /

    And if you really want to commit, make it fun and colorful.

    @elysereneau /

    Even though it looks intimidating, in reality this is a super cute trend that anyone can casually pull off.

    @elegant_warpaint /

    Here's a tutorial in case you want to go for it.

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