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    This Aspiring Makeup Artist Can Teach All Us A Thing Or Two About Confidence

    "I wanted to show others who are tube-fed that they can still feel beautiful and put makeup on as well as anyone else."

    Meet Emily Jones, the 22-year-old London-based aspiring makeup artist who won't let a feeding tube interfere with the perfect wing.

    "I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a connective tissue condition," Jones told BuzzFeed. "I have the feeding tube for my nutrition since my stomach doesn't retain any food or fluids. I have a trapped vagus nerve, which causes my stomach to reject everything. My intestines also don't work properly, and I suffer multiple joint dislocations every day."

    Jones started experimenting with makeup three years ago, as a way to help build confidence.

    "I'd seen some YouTubers do makeup and it inspired me to try it. I wanted to feel more confident and beautiful, so I began to wear makeup and I was amazed at how different and beautiful I felt."

    Her Instagram account already has over 26k followers, and she uses it to show others that even when facing certain difficulties, you can still find a way to feel beautiful.

    "I began my Instagram account because I always received praise for my makeup application and I felt that it was something that I could be quite competent at," she said. "I love Instagram, and I felt that it would improve my confidence and show others that even though I have a feeding tube, I can still do makeup and feel beautiful."

    Instead of hiding behind makeup, she uses it as an empowering tool.

    "It doesn't matter that the tube is on my face since the makeup takes the attention away from it. It's an integral part of me, and I'm grateful for it. I also wanted to show others who are tube-fed that they can still feel beautiful and put makeup on as well as anyone else and to help boost their confidence."

    And when it comes to describing her love for beauty, she's never at a loss for words.

    "Makeup is my ultimate passion. I love putting it on and seeing the difference before and after. It makes me feel inspired, beautiful, confident, creative, artistic, strong, and amazing. I could use all of the good words in the dictionary to describe how makeup makes me feel."

    After all, makeup has helped her come out of her shell.

    "Makeup takes away the self-consciousness. I feel like an improved person and not the shy, quiet girl I usually am."

    Emily already has her eyes set on the future, and knows exactly who she'd like to work with.

    "I would like to collaborate with Nikkie Tutorials one day or Carli Bybel. I also love Too Faced, Benefit, Tarte Cosmetics, Sigma and NYX, so working with them would be a dream come true.

    And of course, just like any makeup artist does, Emily has a few favorite products she can't live without.

    "I would probably say the Morphe 35R palette, NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner for a very sharp wing, and Morphe Liquid Lipstick in Mood and Fancy Pants."

    Ultimately, Emily wants her followers to know that no matter how rough life gets, you can always find something that makes you feel happy and confident.

    "No matter how hard life is, you can put on a smile and be very very happy! Happiness is one of life's best tonics."

    In the future, Emily wants to start her own YouTube channel and develop her own makeup line.

    Keep up with Emily by following her on Instagram @Beautybyemilylou_.