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33 Things That Are Too Real For Anyone Who Was Raised By A Hispanic Mom

Cleaning is not a chore, it's a lifestyle.

1. Let's start with chores. Cleaning isn't something that's taken lightly by Hispanic moms.

hispanic culture is your mom spending 45 minutes on the phone telling you about every chore you have to do

2. Oh, you're bored? Lol, you know better than to say that in front of your mom.

#GrowingUpHispanic when you told your mom you were bored

3. There's a hurricane coming? Then you better believe your mom is going to clean and make sure everything is look nice, "porque uno nunca sabe."

my house since yesterday 😂😂😂 #HurricaineIrma #cubansbelike #growinguphispanic

4. If you have your own place and your mom is visiting, you have to make sure it's perfect.

My mother is coming to visit so I took the day off work to clean. This house must smell like bleach and fabuloso #GrowingUpHispanic

5. When is comes to cooking, our moms know how to have fun in the kitchen.

#GrowingUpLatino #GrowingUpCuban When ur mom's cooking dinner and all of a sudden the kitchen turns into a Raggaeto… https://t.co/R4SUUxK3uN

6. They're loyal to their favorite Tupperwares, so you better not lose them or you'll be shunned.

Bruh every black or Hispanic house hold got like 2 bowls that look like this #growingupblack #GrowingUpHispanic

7. They also love to get creative when it comes to storage.

when you're about to turn on the oven and then you remember you're hispanic #GrowingUpHispanic

8. If you ever ask to eat out, the answer is usually "no, there's food at home."

When I would ask my mom for McDonald's on the way home and she says "Ay frijoles en la casa" #GrowingUpHispanic

9. And fast food isn't really considered food, so McDonald's always seems so unattainable.

ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ why can't we buy McDonald's ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ ʷʰʸ… https://t.co/FBKZGU6c10

10. Anything that can be used to store food, will be used to store food.

When you want sour cream but instead you get sofrito #GrowingUpHispanic

11. Hispanic moms are resourceful AF.

Letting my grandma straighten my hair with a clothes iron was such an experience tbh

12. Just when you think you're out of soap, mom comes through with a little water and fixes it.

#GrowingUpHispanic When you run out of liquid soap but your mom says to add water and it's "como nuevo"

13. They're very into recycling. Supermarket bags? Those make great trash bags.

You know you at a Hispanic house when this is your garbage bag😂😂😂 @ShiWantsTheC #Latinos #latino #hispanic #hispanos

14. Ketchup and sugar packs at restaurants? They always go home with them by the handful.

You know your Hispanic when you have a bag of ketchup packets in your house :|

15. When it comes to discipline, you know you're always supposed to do what you're told. No. Questions. Asked.

#GrowingUpHispanic When your friends tell you to stand up for yourself because your old enough.

16. If you ever acted out in public as a kid, you knew what would be waiting for you when you got home.

When your mom looks calm in public, but she got that secret grip on your arm. #GrowingUpHispanic

17. You knew you could run...

A Hispanic mom's arsenal https://t.co/hZ7c9HBOT5

18. ...But you couldn't hide.

19. You know better than to roll your eyes in front of your mother.

I sent my mom "🙄" and now I'm worried she'll smack me later for rolling my eyes at her #GrowingUpHispanic

20. Even as an adult, you have to ask for permission to do certain things.

I'm scared to ask my mom if my gf can spend the night on a school night...and I'm in college. #GrowingUpHispanic

21. No matter how old you are, their approval matters.

@gymratmyles bruh we could get a tattoo when we're 42 and our parents would still give us a fatass cocotaso #growinguphispanic

22. You can't just tell your mom you're going out. You have to earn it.

When you tryna leave all quick cause your friends outside waiting but your mom all of a sudden tryna play 21 questi… https://t.co/JQ18AlKorb

23. Our moms practice a tough love. For example, if you fall or get hurt, it's probably your fault.

24. They always call you names, but like, in a loving way.

Growing up with cute nicknames like "pendeja", "estupida", "mensa", "guerca" (': #GrowingUpHispanic

25. Or they get creative and make up an affectionate nicknames.

#growinguphispanic when they call you by a nickname it stays like that forever like for me mine is puchungita like bitch what the fuck 😂😂

26. You know your mom believes on some weird ass conspiracy theories she saw on Primer Impacto.

Mom said during an eclipse pregnant women should clip a safety pin in the belly button area or the baby may be deformed.. #growingupHispanic

27. And whether you gave them a reason or not, they always think you're doing something shady.

#GrowingUpHispanic If you're not at home, school, or work... you're up to no good 🙄😂😩

28. If you ever hurt her feelings, you know she's going to guilt trip you forever.

When you disrespect your parents and you get the "Cuando yo me muera" speech #GrowingUpHispanic

29. If that doesn't work, she'll move on to the "you don't pay for shit" argument.

Anytime an argument happens I'm always hit with "ah y tu pagas la renta o biles?!" #growinguphispanic

30. When they hit you with the "tu sabrás" line, you know you've started a cold war.

@KatelynArnett When they get so mad they just say "has lo que quieras" you best just not do what you wanna do. #GrowingUpHispanic

31. They can be overprotective and clingy at times, but only because they love you so much.

When I'm five min past the time I said I would be home #growinguphispanic

32. Hispanic moms can be savages, but they love you so much, it evens out.

If I can survive my mother roasting me, then I can survive anything really #growinguphispanic

33. And you know if she's your Facebook friend, you'll always have a comment in all caps and "like" coming in hot because she's your #1 fan.