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    Tess Holliday Is On The Cover Of Self Magazine's First Digital Issue And She Looks Incredible

    "We chose to give her a platform because she has insightful things to say about thriving in a world that devalues bodies of size."

    SELF magazine's first ever digital cover featured model, author, body positivity activist, and MEGA BABE, Tess Holliday.

    In her editor's letter, Carolyn Kylstra stresses how size representation is necessary, especially in a health magazine. She also explains that they gave Tess Holiday a platform because her message and what she represents is important, especially in a society where bigger bodies are often discredited.

    People are LOVING the cover:

    And of course, Tess is thrilled about what this cover means. "This is totally surreal to see a fat body on the cover of a health magazine 😭🙏🏻 Thank you Self for changing the game with me," she wrote on her Instagram page.

    Tess has built a career as a model and advocate and has always stayed true to herself and what she believes in, especially when it comes to her body. “I try to tell people all the time you can't judge other people and what they're doing with their bodies,” Tess said in her Self interview.

    Oh, and if you have something to say about her health, then don't waste your time, because she doesn't care. "The reality is I don't owe you shit and I don't have to prove that I'm healthy or not, because it is nobody's business," Tess expressed.

    Check out her full interview and SELF's The Weight Issue.

    Keep doing you, babe!