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    Supreme Made A Damn Paperweight With Real Money Inside When They Could've Just Given It To Me

    That better be Monopoly money inside!

    Supreme is a ~cool~ streetwear brand with a cult following, which is sometimes associated with fuccbois.

    It's also been referred to as “the coolest streetwear brand in the world right now" by GQ, “the Holy Grail of high youth street culture” by 032c, and “the Chanel of downtown streetwear" by the Business of Fashion.

    Welp, last year, "the Chanel of streetwear" released a brick paperweight for $35, which ended up selling out in minutes. People who managed to buy a brick in time tried reselling them on eBay, and some were asking for up to $1,000!!!!!

    It was literally just a branded brick.

    This year, they took a more luxurious route with their design. Turns out they'll have a cash-filled paperweight as part of their Fall/Winter 2017 collection.

    Is the money real??? Is it fake??? Is it just a hundred-dollar bill and fillers underneath? WE DON'T KNOW YET!

    We do know that this ~fancy~ and over-the-top paperweight isn't the only cash-related item in their Fall/Winter 2017 collection. They also have a money suit, a pendant shaped like a hundred-dollar bill, and a Rifkin pouch that says “Money Is Always Most Important.”

    *"Money Ain't a Thang" plays in the background*