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19 Reasons Why This Novela Villain Is A Goddamn Style Icon

The evil fashion inspo we didn't know we needed.

Maria la del Barrio was a Mexican novela that aired in 1995. It was televised in 180 countries, even inspiring a Philippine remake.


Technically Thalía was the star of the show, but twenty years later, the character who really lives on is everyone's favorite villain: Soraya Montenegro.

The story goes a little something like this: María (played by Thalía) is a young girl living in poverty in the outskirts of the city. She gets a job as a maid, where she falls in love with her dashing, but problematic employer: Luis Fernando.

Their romance is anything but easy, since Soraya (played by Itatí Cantoral) is OBSESSED with him and vows to destroy María's life.


At some point, Soraya gets Luis Fernando drunk, then pretends like they had sex and fakes a pregnancy to get him to marry her. He later learns the truth and marries María.

Other recognizable evil acts performed by Soraya include: brujería against her enemies, murder, attacking a wheelchair-clad innocent girl, and creating the best insults ever.

Televisa / Via

Because of her memorable evil acts, we might overlook one of the most important things she gave us. No, I'm not talking about her Oscar-worthy maldita lisiada performance, I'm talking about style. She's the flyest villain that ever graced telenovela screens, and for that, we should praise her.


3. Soraya didn't need a Kylie lip kit—she knew exactly how to avoid smudging her lipstick:

8. She always dressed to the nines, even if it was one of those low-key nights when you stay home and throw a tantrum:

Soraya tip: Always accessorize for drama.


16. Even though she killed it on a regular basis, she sometimes made mistakes, because she is human.


18. When it comes to fashion, she understood the importance of personal space:

Hugs are only good for wrinkling clothes and spreading germs.

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