19 Reasons Why This Novela Villain Is A Goddamn Style Icon

    The evil fashion inspo we didn't know we needed.

    Maria la del Barrio was a Mexican novela that aired in 1995. It was televised in 180 countries, even inspiring a Philippine remake.

    Their romance is anything but easy, since Soraya (played by Itatí Cantoral) is OBSESSED with him and vows to destroy María's life.

    Other recognizable evil acts performed by Soraya include: brujería against her enemies, murder, attacking a wheelchair-clad innocent girl, and creating the best insults ever.

    1. She was always literally dressed to kill, and no one can dispute that:

    2. Whether she was attending the opera or planning a fake pregnancy, her outfits were never casual or boring:

    3. Soraya didn't need a Kylie lip kit—she knew exactly how to avoid smudging her lipstick:


    4. No one rocked bubblegum-pink sweetheart necklines like she could:

    5. Or plunging necklines as low as her regard for others:

    6. Nice try Lady Gaga, but we know who wore it first:

    7. She knew how to use polka dots—the most innocent print out there—to mask her soulless body:

    8. She always dressed to the nines, even if it was one of those low-key nights when you stay home and throw a tantrum:


    Soraya tip: Always accessorize for drama.

    9. She never had a hair out of place. Maybe she used her enemies' tears as hairspray:

    10. Black lace and wine always go to together, especially when celebrating an evil victory. Soraya taught us that:

    11. She was into the classics, like wearing black and white when planning the destruction of the fuckboy who broke her heart:

    12. But also liked trying ~bold~ looks, like decorating her bun with flowers:

    13. Her makeup was always flawless:

    14. Look at that color block, though! This girl was slaying fashion trends left and right:

    15. No one can compete with her iconic funeral look:

    16. Even though she killed it on a regular basis, she sometimes made mistakes, because she is human.

    17. Her disguises were never trashy, always classy:

    18. When it comes to fashion, she understood the importance of personal space:

    Hugs are only good for wrinkling clothes and spreading germs.

    19. And her earrings might've been bright and shiny, but that never got in the way of her shadiness:

    Slay forever, queen!