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    See 100 Years Of Argentine Beauty In Just Over One Minute

    Eva Perón, the Golden Age of Argentine cinema, Floggers and more!

    The latest episode of WatchCut Video's popular 100 Years of Beauty series focuses on Argentina over the last century.

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    1910: The look is inspired by the Romanesque art nouveau posters and paintings used to celebrate Argentina's centennial.

    1920s: You can see a little bit of Camila Quiroga in this look. The Argentine actress found fame in America and Europe and later created a company to introduce criollo theater throughout the world.

    1930s: This look is inspired by the images published in Cinelandia, a major Argentine film publication.

    1940s: Eva Peron, First Lady of Argentina from 1946 until 1952, was the inspiration for this one.

    1950s: The Golden Age of Argentine cinema is responsible for all this glamour.

    1960s: This ~sexy~ look modeled after Isabel Sarli (or Coca), is an Argentine actress and model known as cultural icon and sex symbol.

    1970s: Graciela Alfano, an actress best-known for her comic work, is the muse behind this beauty look.

    1970s-onward: The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo (Madres de Plaza de Mayo) are a collective of Argentine mothers whose children were "disappeared" during state terrorism and military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983. The Mothers continue to protest in the cause for human and civil rights.

    1980s: Big hair seemed to be an international thing in the '80s. This look is inspired by Argentine musician, Sandra Mihanovich.

    1990s: This look is modeled (no pun intended) after Valeria Mazza, who's considered Latin America's first supermodel.

    2000s: Cumbio (aka Augustina Vivero) is a prominent leader of the Floggers, a street subculture with origins on MySpace.

    2010s: This final look resembles La China (María Eugenia Suárez Riveiro), a model and actress.

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