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    Salvador Dalí's Mustache Is Still Intact Almost 30 Years After His Death

    His body was recently exhumed as part of a paternity suit filed by Spanish fortune teller, Pilar Abel.

    If you clicked on this, I'm assuming you're familiar with Salvador Dalí, his art, or at the very least his sweet, sweet stache.

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    The eccentric artist did a lot of memorable and ~interesting~ things during his career, like driving around in a Rolls Royce filled with cauliflowers, just because he thought they were “philosophical” and “spiritual".

    Today, Dalí is still shaking things up, and arguably making surrealist art. Last month, his body was exhumed as a result of a paternity suit filed by Pilar Abel, who claims she is Dalí's daughter.

    Afp / AFP / Getty Images

    Which bring us to his glorious mustache. Turns out his embalmer, Narcís Bardalet, told a Catalan radio station "his mustache is still intact."

    “I was delighted to see his mustache was intact,” he said. “I was quite moved."

    But there's much more to this mustache story, and not everyone is happy about his exhumation.

    Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, Spain’s culture minister said he was "heartbroken" about it, and Marta Felip, mayor of Figueres, called it “grotesque.”

    They collected hair, teeth and nail samples, and two long bones, which will be returned once the test is done.

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    If it's proven that Pilar Abel really is Dalí's daughter, she could claim part of an estate worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


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