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16 Pictures That Show How Stylish Jumpsuits Were In The '70s

Peeing must've been a bitch.

1. Lauren Hutton showing off her cozy herringbone overalls with a matching cape:

Archive Photos / Getty Images

2. This groovy lady wearing good ol' overalls:

Graham Wood / Getty Images

3. This model wearing a hand knitted jumpsuit with white platform boots is #goals:

Keystone / Getty Images

4. These fashionable ladies wearing very different styles:

Wesley / Getty Images

5. Let's take a moment to admire this striped linen jumpsuit from Christian Dior's summer collection:

Keystone / Getty Images

6. Suzi Quatro looks badass, posing with a stuffed leopard in her leather jumpsuit:

Jack Kay / Getty Images

7. This classy jumpsuit designed by Fernand Ledoux is everything:

Keystone / Getty Images

8. This funky lady posing in classic black overalls:

Graham Wood / Getty Images

9. Honestly, this delicate jumpsuit is what minimalist dreams are made of:

Evening Standard / Getty Images

10. This stripped jumpsuit by Pierre Cardin is out of this world:

Staff / AFP / Getty Images

11. I kind of need this black jumpsuit with its matching headband from the Franka couture Spring collection:

Frank Barratt / Getty Images

12. This crocheted jumpsuit is ridic:

M. Mckeown / Getty Images

13. Fashion model, Hazel, looks incredible wearing this crepe playsuit from Ossie Clark:

Frank Barratt / Getty Images

14. This jumpsuit with a geometric print is pretty cool:

M. Mckeown / Getty Images

15. How comfortable does this look?:

Ian Showell / Getty Images

16. And this outfit from the play "120 Days of Sodom" is dramatic as hell in all the right ways:

Peter Cade / Getty Images
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