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    15 People Who Prove Valentine's Is A Joke

    Love is gross.

    1. The most committed gift-giver in the world.

    Twitter: @krolinitavargas

    Someone please tell her about Edible Arrangements.

    2. This annoying social media couple.

    Twitter: @The_EspecialOne

    Oh, to be young and ~ in love ~.

    3. The spelling bee champ who placed an order for this unfortunate cookie cake.

    My hot what?

    4. Whoever was behind this marketing strategy.

    Do not share any of this with your dad.

    5. The couple who commemorated their first time with personalized underwear.

    Twitter: @_AlePolanco

    "You may forget about me... but you'll never forget what we did."

    6. Everything about this.

    Twitter: @Cristian_CV8

    So many questions.

    7. Whoever is responsible for this romantic invitation.

    Twitter: @vanessha_

    Hey Romeo, you know you can get greeting cards for like, 99 cents, right?

    8. Monica's boyfriend.

    Twitter: @AraelC

    "I'm all yours Monica."

    9. The romantic behind this loving Snapchat.

    Twitter: @PolloVenenoso

    "A" for creativity tho.

    10. The photoshop genius behind this mermaid/merman masterpiece.

    Twitter: @DaniDuende

    "Yury I love you my mermaid from the sea."

    11. These Lady and the Tramp enthusiasts.

    Twitter: @doritozvlzvlnka

    Romance on a budget.

    12. The pair who found love in a flooded place.

    Is this what they mean by plenty of fish in the sea?

    13. The guy who hid an engagement ring inside his fiancé's fried chicken.

    Twitter: @zopotocientos

    "He stole my chicken so I stole his last name." -Their wedding vows, probably.

    14. The photographer responsible for this bizarre image.

    Is the bed floating? Are they about to do it? What is happening here?

    15. And anyone who believes love has no limits.