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This "Hitler" Bag Proves Why Design Matters

"Idk guys, you kinda can't unsee it at this point."

Belle Chic, an Arizona-based online clothing store was called out on Twitter for selling a tote bag with a confusing design.

Some people read it as: "My favorite color is Hitler."


People immediately started questioning the font chosen for the poorly designed bag.

@niltiac @hurlarious I assume it's a disastrous font choice for "glitter".

And pointed out the letter G looked more like an H, which is essentially what caused the confusion and made this problematic.

They really should've gone for a capital 'G' here

A woman who claims her sister owns Belle Chic explained it was simply an accident.

@jamieepage @AndreSobolewski @hurlarious @eligdeon Enough people are seeing it. Perhaps you should tell your sister…

And they were working on updating the design.

@Allison_Ivy79 @AndreSobolewski @hurlarious @eligdeon The original design was in no way meant to be anti-Semitic. S…

Some people came to their defense, saying everyone makes mistakes.

@jamieepage @Allison_Ivy79 As a graphic artist, I can tell you that MISTAKES happen... also that is one of the most…

And all publicity is good publicity.

@bellechicdeals It was free advertisement at least. A mistake with profit.

Ultimately, Belle Chic apologized via Twitter and Instagram and immediately adjusted the font.

We are beyond embarrassed about the design of our GLITTER tote bag 🙈 ✨. We replaced it with a new design. Hope yo…

But some couldn't unsee the messiness.

@bellechicdeals Idk guys you kinda can't unsee it at this point 🤣😂

Others just didn't like the bag in the first place.

@bellechicdeals I guess now it's just a different kind of tacky

While many argued that glitter isn't even a color ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

@bellechicdeals Cool but gliiter isnt a color anyway

Moral of the story: Hire a designer!

Oh dear. This is why good typography is important!

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