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    22 People Explain Why Wearing Their Favorite Lipstick Makes Them Feel Better

    Sometimes makeup can be more than just a superficial thing.

    1. Spice by Anastasia Beverly Hills makes Ryan feel like he's a force to be reckoned with.

    2. Purgatory by Black Moon Cosmetics makes Mari feel like the bad bitch she knows she is.

    3. Osob finds comfort in MAC's Velvet Teddy when she's feeling anxious.

    4. Beso by Stila makes Tati feel confident and sexy.

    5. ColourPop's Friday makes Patrice like the beautiful, unapologetically black woman that she is.

    6. For Delaney, MAC's Diva lipstick is the makeup equivalent of wearing high heels.

    7. ColourPop's Ribbon and Creeper make Sarah feel fierce as hell.

    8. Sarina by Buxom Cosmetics is Hani's go-to nude shade.

    9. Augusta has never had a bad day while wearing NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Famous Red.

    10. Claudia feels pretty and put-together when she wears Sephora's Marvelous Mauve.

    11. For Maya, Tilt by Urban Decay unleashes confidence and power.

    12. Wearing Burning Love by Estée Lauder makes Luisa want to rock boots and a leather jacket.

    13. Meme Lover from Flirt Cosmetics makes Olga feel like she can conquer the day.

    14. Rosshanna feels sure of herself when she wears Ruby Woo by MAC.

    15. Currant from Anastasia Beverly Hills is Marta's signature look when she feels confident.

    16. Red Rock from MAC makes Christian feel like she radiates passion.

    17. Anisha feels like Maybelline's Touch of Spice gives her a little more sass.

    18. Julie is loyal to MAC's Relentlessly Red because it's flawless and stays on forever.

    19. Stepping Out by Smashbox gives Adrianna a laid back, natural look.

    20. Kilsi feels poweful and feminine when she wears ColourPop's More Better.

    21. Wearing Basic by Bodyography helps Chelsea project her raw fierceness.

    22. And for Trinity, Amor Prohibido by MAC, is so much more than just a lipstick.