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    20 People Picked Outfits Inspired By Frida Kahlo And This Is What Happened

    Because florals and badassery should always be in style.

    1. Mariana

    YouTube: Stoner Girl Diary

    Instagram: @h3y_maa

    "Before Beyoncé and RiRi, there was Frida. She's the epitome of a ~bad bitch~ and I think her style said a lot about how she lived her life fearlessly. She was a bold woman who usually wore more than one statement piece at a time, and I kept that in mind when I chose this outfit. Frida was a big contributor to female creativity and feminism, and I think of her as a pioneer and an inspiration. Just like most women, I can relate to her strong spirit and her desire to live boldly."

    2. Sara


    Instagram: @sara_fratini

    "Frida is an example of strength and determination, and a great inspiration to me. There's always a picture that comes to mind, where she is painting in bed, surrounded by the machines that held her body together. What I take away from that is that even in the worst situations, we can go on, we can move forward and do we're passionate about.

    I chose this outfit because it made me feel comfortable and free. I don't feel confident if I cannot move freely and this is the first thing I think about when I'm getting dressed. So, what better than a skirt and sandals to feel I can go wherever I want? I think Frida would have chosen something that would let her walk freely."

    3. Debi

    Website: Debi Hasky

    Instagram: @debihasky

    "I grew up admiring Frida Kahlo’s paintings because of my mother, who has always been a huge fan of her work. What I love most about Frida is that there are so many versions of her you can admire — Frida the painter, the feminist, the style icon, the rebel. Growing up I fell in love with Frida the painter; now I admire all the facets of Frida.

    For this outfit, I pieced together key elements of Frida Kahlo’s style to create an outfit I would totally wear out. I also added a few Frida trademarks: flowers and big earrings, paired with a strong brow and light make up. My style is always based on comfort. When I feel good in what I’m wearing, I am more confident and I feel unstoppable!"

    4. Christopher

    5. Krystle

    Blog: Krystle DeSantos

    Instagram: @krystledesantos

    "Frida’s unique sense of style, love for flora, bold traditional wear, statement jewelry, and vibrant colors are elements that encapsulate everything I love in fashion! My Frida-inspired look is representative of those components fused with my modern-vintage panache. I’m wearing a vintage tiered floral maxi dress, contemporary ankle strap heels, black statement tassel-earrings, a blush velvet flower hair clip and a vintage satin clutch with a golden bamboo clasp.”

    6. Mey

    Instagram: @mushm

    "I admired Frida as a woman and as an brilliant artist. I like to picture her as a great figure of power, she endured a lot during her life.

    For this outfit I wanted to feel inspired by Frida, by how I perceive her as a woman and what she means to me, instead of replicating her most iconic look. I love the fact that she always tried to incorporate her culture into her wardrobe: the colors, the details, the embroidery — it's all mesmerizing."

    7. Cristina

    Blog: Front Row

    Instagram: @frontrowec

    "It’s no secret that Frida Kahlo was way ahead of her time…she was, after all, the original queen of the selfie! The brushstrokes of Frida’s 'Self-Portrait with Cropped Hair' reveal both her fragility and her strength. Frida’s shorn locks are a symbol of her pain; she is raging against the injustice of being judged for not conforming to what women were supposed to look like.

    Frida famously said, 'I paint myself because I am the subject I know best.' Isn’t the same true with the way we choose to dress? You know yourself better than anyone, so embrace your uniqueness and let your freak flag fly! To salute this feminist icon, I chose a minimalist, androgynous look."

    8. Joana Hausmann

    Website: Joanna Hausmann

    Instagram: @johaus

    "Frida means unwavering self-confidence and a redefinition of femininity to me. In a male-dominated world of art, Frida always stood out to me. Not only because of her very particular and identifiable style, but also the narrative of her art. She was unapologetically Frida.

    I’m the type of person that is most comfortable wearing all black. So I have to admit I didn't chose this outfit, my far-more-stylish friend Tiffany did. All I did was tell her I wanted to wear something that fearlessly represented my personality. Im scatter-brained, energetic, multicultural, and animated so we created this look with bold colors and contrasting patterns. Also, everyone involved in this look was a latina: the photographer, the stylist, etc. The jewelry was made by Venezuelan artist Jessie Dibs."

    9. Manu

    YouTube: Manu Manzo

    Instagram: @manumanzo

    "When I think of Frida I think of art in its purest form. A dark but very powerful woman who faced many obstacles in her life, but always managed to stay strong.

    I chose the pants in red because the vibe and color remind me of how vibrant Mexico is, and of Frida's colorful style. The black and white flowers on the jacket represent the how pretty yet dark her life was. I wanted to showcase her strength and power through the variation of red tones and dark tones."

    10. Anna

    Blog: Spadomoda

    Instagram: @spadomoda

    "Frida represents the spirit of freedom. She's still relevant and popular because she was a warrior in a time when women could only be spectators, and that’s something that modern women can relate to.

    I think that if Frida was alive today, her style would be tropical. She liked colors and textures and that’s what we see in her art."

    11. Fluvia

    Blog: Fluvia Lacerda

    Instagram: @fluvialacerda

    "Frida always meant strength to me. She exposed her vulnerability through her paintings and that requieres a lot of courage.

    I think a lot of people don't really know much about who she was and what her art said about her own life. Most people are simply fascinated primarily with her free style. The colors, contrasts, and how unique she was. My hair and makeup came to life thanks to Christian Sanchez."

    12. Emi & Flor

    Website: Giamportones

    Instagram: @giamportones

    "Besides her style and art, I think Frida's popularity is still very much present because of her independent spirit and originality.

    Frida's style is full of vibrant colors mixed and matched in unique and special ways. Prints are also front and center in most of her looks. If Frida was still alive, we image she'd wear statement sunglasses. We chose looks with a mix of prints and statement accessories. We love hair accessories, that's why Frida has always been an inspiration."

    13. Jessica

    Website: Raggedy Tiff

    Instagram: @raggedytiff

    "Frida Kahlo to me, means being fearless and authentic with your art. These outfits are a representation of her style, but also a representation of who I am. The vivid colors on the necklace I designed remind me of her vibrant dresses, jewelry, and headpieces.

    Women today are more independent and outspoken, and I think a lot of them are influenced by Frida and the type of woman she was. In my opinion, her most important contribution to society was female empowerment and expression through art."

    14. Loreana

    Blog: Across the Fashion

    Instagram: @loresegura_

    "What I like most about Frida's legacy — besides her artwork — is her fight for women's rights. She always stayed true to herself and her culture. I chose a colorful maxi skirt with a nude bodysuit, and some vivid accessories to spice it up, giving it boho chic vibes.

    Sometimes I don't know how to describe my style. I can be very classy from Monday to Friday, and very boho chic on the weekends. The only thing that is constant is that I always try to take risks, be authentic, and embrace myself."

    15. Paz

    Blog: Paz Halabi Rodríguez

    Instagram: @pazhalabirodriguez

    Frida was a unique woman with a whirlwind of ideas exploding inside her restless heart. She can’t be imitated, but she is tremendously inspirational.

    When I think of Frida Kahlo’s style, the first thing that comes to mind are her braids, the traditional Mexican ensemble, customized garments, and her unmistakable eyebrows. However, I didn’t want to dress exactly like her, I wanted to be inspired by her. After researching and checking my wardrobe, I found the most appropriate outfit to represent a very independent and feminine woman who broke the mold.

    I picked this feminine ruffle skirt to contrast my husband’s relaxed t-shirt. I accessorized with my beloved Converse and big earrings, to make this outfit feminine but with a masculine touch.

    16. Zahira

    Website: The Bad Dominicana

    Instagram: @bad_dominicana

    "I'd describe my style as eclectic: a blend of retro, urban, punk and very modern. One of the many ways I show I'm proud of where I come from is in the form of aesthetics. Frida is very affirming in that sense. Her appearance screams: Wear your ancestors' style with pride!

    For this look, though Frida was Mexican and I am Dominican, I was drawn to the commonality of femme headpieces, a bright color palette, and bold neckwear. It is reminiscent of our Dominican folkloric garments, of my tías with gold rings on every finger, my father's gold medallions, my mother's love for vivid tropical colors, my years in the Bronx. I went with what's already me, with what made me feel less alone when I first saw Frida's art as a little Dominican girl in white-centered art museums."

    17. Adriana

    18. Carolina

    Website: Miss Rizos

    Instagram: @miss_rizos

    "Frida has impacted me in so many ways, from my fashion sense to my activism. She was so unapologetic about who she was. I have also found that same pride in returning to my naturally curly hair and rocking it like a beautiful crown.

    I chose this particular outfit because it hugged my curves and the vibrant colors allowed my dark skin to pop. I went for a braid (from Miss Rizos Salon) and a bold red lipstick to honor Frida, but also because I absolutely love wearing my hair in this protective style and I am crazy about this particular red matte lipstick."

    19. Alba

    Blog: Sun Kiss Alba

    Instagram: @sunkissalba

    "I chose to wear a dark blue overall romper because her home was blue and I often see photos of her either wearing a blue top or skirt with florals. Frida had a classic style that was very artistic and unique in her own way. She seemed to always add her own touch to the existing style of her time."

    20. Rosshanna

    Blog: Miss Monroe

    Instagram: @rosshannabracho

    "I think Frida's influence is huge. This generation is characterized by saying and doing what they feel, which is precisely what Frida did with her art. Millennials really value and respect individualism, which is something Frida always defended and showed through her work.

    I wanted to wear black to represent the suffering she expressed through art. Her life had a lot of dark moments, but I think it's incredible that she always found her way back to love and nature, which is why I wanted to match the black with florals, one of most symbolic things about her."