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    Move Over Flower Crowns, Denim Thongs Are Here Just In Time For Festival Season

    So like, guaranteed camel toe?

    Welp, we've done it again. There's a new item of clothing that has left us scratching out heads trying to figure out why? and also, how? Enter: the denim thong.

    They're actually called denim knickers, since they're being sold by a British online retailer called PRETTYLITTLETHING.

    And they can be yours for just $25.

    Take notes, because the website recommends you "team these with some killer chap trousers and matching bralet for a show-stopping festival outfit that is gonna get you noticed for all of the right reasons."

    I'm not an expert, but this can't be good for your vagina.

    Most people on Twitter are like..."wtf are these?"

    Idek anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️ like who on the PLT creative team thought “you know what we should do next? A denim thong”

    Sick and tired of our millennial trends.

    Wtf, this is basically a denim thong?! I’m tired.

    Wondering if these were born from hardship.

    @ElleGawthorpe97 @fashi0nkiller_ Was they on a budget or something 😂😂

    But surprisingly, there are a few who see potential in these knickers...

    @ellieenglish_x @fashi0nkiller_ @bizza_x @Lismate_ @elliemia_ @laurenbatty_ honestly I'm really tempted to get a pair :/

    ...And are ready to take them home.

    the more i see those denim thong shorts & everyone slating them the more i like them in the basket they go

    Also, they appear to be out stock already, so...idk.

    It's worth noting that denim has taken many ~interesting~ forms in the past couple of years. Last year alone, we had the clear knee mom jeans fiasco, and the "bare butt" jeans scandal.

    And now, we have one more thing to add to the list: denim knickers.

    Would you wear these to a festival? Let us know in the comments what you really think.