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    Nov 23, 2016

    15 Amazing Beauty Secrets Moms Swear By

    After all, mother always knows best.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the best beauty tips their mothers ever told them, and here's what they said:

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Never, ever, use soap on your face!

    "So, starting in high school I would use cold cream to cleanse, followed by toner to keep the pores clean. As I grew older I would use cleanser and toner. Now I use micellar water if I didn’t wear makeup, or the full cleanser/toner routine when I do. Btw, I’m 66 and have zero lines on my forehead and minimal lines around my eyes. Of course, I have laugh lines around my mouth from all those years of laughter!" —MFComedy

    2. Yogurt and besan (also known as gram flour) will make your skin glow like the top of the Chrysler Building.

    "Mix in equal parts and use as soap in the shower. It’ll be a little cold but worth it. It makes your skin look glowy and clean." —aarohibarman

    3. Olay Complete moisturizer ($8.99) is the key to great-looking skin.

    "My mom started using it in college and got me on it when I was about 10 years old. It's such an easy and affordable way to get your daily moisture and SPF in, all with one simple step!" —helenabelles

    4. No foundation = amazing skin.

    Comedy Central

    "My mum has always told me to avoid foundation, she’s worn it about twice in her life and she has the most amazing skin." —DevineCyprus

    5. Tighten your face with rice water, nature's botox.

    "My mum washes her face with rice water to keep her face tight and prevent sagging. I’m not sure about doing that myself, but she looks pretty good for 53." —asyi

    6. Start taking care of your wrinkles before they even show up.

    "Start using anti-aging products in your 20s — your 40s and up will thank you." —SabUnnie

    7. Add RoC products, Dove soap, and face exercisers to your beauty routine.

    "My mom swears by RoC products. She also used a 'face exerciser' a couple times a week in the mornings. However, my aunt swears by Dove soap and moisturizer. Both are in their early 50s and could honestly pass for 30." —asprinkle137

    8. A warm oil cleansing is not only relaxing, it'll also give you clear skin.

    "Warm oil cleansing! She warms up some coconut oil and uses that to clean her face. I have to admit, my spots cleared up pretty quickly after trying that!"—c4f4cb991f

    9. When it comes to skin care, always pay attention to your hands!

    "Never neglect your hands when it comes to SPF application! They show your age just as much as your face does, and you need to remember to reapply regularly as you wash your hands (so much more than anywhere else)." —leadwiththehips

    10. And just like your hands, your neck may reveal more about your age than you think.

    Facebook: katelyntarveronline

    "Wash your face twice daily and moisturize. The key here: don’t forget your neck. A woman's neck is a dead giveaway for her real age." —tracyc19

    11. Don't forget about your elbows and knees either.

    "Rub lemon juice on your elbows and knees to help prevent darkening." —serriley

    12. Vitamin E and aloe vera may help you look a decade younger.

    "My mum looks at least 10 years younger than she is and swears by vitamin E and aloe vera. She also stays away from any cream or lipstick that says 'plumping' because it’s basically a mild irritant." —goldray

    13. Pat your skin dry, don't rub.


    "I was about 16 when my mom saw me washing my face in the bathroom and exclaimed 'stop rubbing your face dry. PAT DRY!' So I always pat dry now." —artistthateats

    14. If you want the Benjamin Button effect, this Neutrogena moisturizer ($12.99) may be able to help with that.

    "Neutrogena moisturizer for oily skin with SPF. My mom hasn't aged since 1992." —Andrea Taylor, Facebook

    15. Protect your skin from the sun, it will thank you in the long run.

    "Sunscreen! My mom has been putting it on every day since the early '60s and her skin is flawless." —Emmay Friedenson, Facebook

    Note: Submissions have been edited and condensed for clarity.

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