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    Wanna Dress Like Meghan Markle But Also Have Bills To Pay? Check Out This Blog

    We can now dress like royals without having to max out our credit cards.

    In case you live under a rock, or have been on a social media detox for the past year, there's a royal wedding happening this weekend. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are tying the knot, and as expected, there is tons of buzz surrounding the couple's every single move. There's even a Lifetime movie about their ~love story.~

    Enter: Meghan's Fashion, a blog which catalogs everything the future royal wears. It breaks down every outfit Meghan wears from head to toes. Accessories, shoes, hats, every. single. thing.

    But my favorite part about this blog, is that it shows affordable dupes of Megan's expensive-ass wardrobe. So now, we can all look like royalty!

    For example, this fancy Alexander McQueen suit she wore to the Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony is worth over $3,000, which is like a mortgage payment for a veeeeery nice house.

    But thanks to Meghan's Fashion, we can now find an affordable version and pay $164.99 for the suit, blouse, *and* earrings.

    When I saw this outfit I thought to myself, I *need* this dress, but I quickly changed my mind when I found out it was worth £1,450. That's in, it's way more expensive in American dollars.

    But lucky me, they have a very similar dress for less than $45 at Target, which has now found its way into my shopping cart.

    The outfit she wore for her first official outing with Queen Elizabeth II was absolutely gorgeous, but the Amanda Wakeley coat alone was $1,209, so I knew better than to get attached to this look.

    But Meghan's Fashion once again came through, and they broke it down for us so we could afford a similar coat without having to file for bankruptcy.

    And another perfect example is this flowy green dress she wore to the Invictus Games reception in London. The Self-Portrait dress is gorgeous and perfect for spring, but it's also way over my budget at $510.

    Meghan's Fashion hooked us up with an entire look, shoes included, for $296.95. Saving us more than $200 in the process.

    Can't wait to see the affordable version of Meghan's wedding dress!