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    The As/Is Official Beauty And Style Holiday Gift Guide

    Just a bunch of things that anyone would love to get this holiday season.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    Hi everyone! The As/Is team (Patrice, Sarah, Essence, Dani, Jamé, and Augusta) is here to help you with your holiday shopping. We hope you love our suggestions because honestly, anyone would be happy to be on the receiving end of these gifts — even if that person is yourself.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    1. I stan a cosmetics company that caters to women of all complexions, which is why Mented's Red Trio Matte Lipsticks is at the top of my lippie wishlist.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone who loves (or has been dying to try) a velvety red lip. Also, it's a great option for people who only rock with the makeup that's vegan, paraben-free, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

    Get the three-piece holiday set from Mented for $50.

    2. Help someone say ta-ta to tangles, knots and excessive shedding with celebrity natural hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood’s life-changing Detangler Brush. My wash days have improved by 100000%!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone with curly, kinky, and coily natural hair, but especially those who’ve just gotten started on their natural hair journey and are still getting to know and care for their unique texture. BTW, Felicia has styled all of your fave famous naturalistas, including Issa Rae, Ava Duvernay, Jill Scott, and Nicole Ari Parker, so she mos def knows what’s up!

    Pre-order it in pink, turquoise, or black from Brush with the Best for $14.

    3. Said it before and I’ll say it again: Toni Daley Wigs are the TRUTH! These synthetic natural-looking units also double as an affordable protective style. I got allll the compliments in this Chaka Khan-esque Toni XL wig.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Natural hair folks looking to switch up their look with little to no effort. Wig lovers who wanna build up their unit collection. It’s also a great option for black women experiencing temporary or permanent hair loss or damage.

    Get the Toni XL wig from Toni Daley for $64, as well as other units for $24-$69.

    4. Step up anyone's carry-on game with Lo & Sons O.M.G. Overnight Bag. This lightweight yet super functional travel bag makes it easy to keep your goods organized while on-the-go (it’s even got a separate shoe compartment!).

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: As described on the Lo & Sons website, this sleek bag actually comes with “an adjustable back panel sleeve that secures bag over luggage handles and a detachable messenger strap” so it’s PERFECT for the constant traveler (I recently used it while flying during Thanksgiving break and it made my travels wayyy less stressful.) It’s also a great pick for gym rats and yoga students.

    Get it from Lo & Sons in various colors for $192.50 (originally $275).

    5. The price tag might seem steep, but unlike competitors, K-Deer’s Cathy Stripe leggings won’t stretch out or fade. Plus their innovative nylon-spandex combo ensures maximum support and compression, and a percentage of each purchase helps fight human trafficking.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Fitness friends and family members of all shapes and sizes. People who like wearing leggings and yoga pants just because they’re comfy. And BTW K-Deer’s also got a bunch of other high-performing, stylish offerings, including capris, shorts, maternity wear, tank tops, and sports bras (like the comfy racerback I’m rocking above.)

    Get the Cathy Stripe Leggings and the Reversible Racerback Bra from K-Deer for $98 (available in sizes XS to 4X).

    6. Surround your friends with encouraging, inspiring, and life-affirming messages, compliments of Rayo & Honey handmade canvas pennants.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone looking for a daily does of motivation via beautiful decor. Also make sure to check out their pins, keychains, tote bags, and mirrors.

    Get them from Rayo & Honey for $40-$50.

    7. If they've been trying to develop an effective, yet easy haircare routine, then look no further than FORM haircare. The innovative brand prides itself on having “first and only end-to-end system designed to make hair care simple.” And I can personally vouch for each product (and the divine scent!).

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone looking for a healthy, texture-inclusive haircare line committed to producing effective results. The sleek, sophisticated branding is a MAJOR benefit (these babies look hella cute in your shower.)

    Get the haircare line from Form with products ranging from $5-$32.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    8. Soko Glam Best of K-Beauty Mini Set is ready to jet off with an innovative, this-really-works collection of mini skincare products that ensure your stays looking fresh, dewy, hydrated, even, and blemish-free.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Someone whose loves Korean skincare, duh. Or someone who's never tried K-beauty, but has been curious about giving it a try (this set really covers every step, from cleansing to spot treating to lip masking), especially if their current skincare routine isn't cutting it for them. These products have been vetted just to be featured on Soko Glam, and on top of that, they have to be a best-selling product over the course of the year and receive rave reviews from both the Soko Glam team and Soko Glam community/customers.

    Get it from Soko Glam for $46.

    9. Umbra Aquala Bathtub Caddy is basically the definition of the perfect night in when you can't even fathom being a social human being — there's more than enough room for a glass of wine, bath supplies, candles, a book (notice the reading stand!), and whatever else you desire.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone who loves baths, first of all. Anyone who's stressed out and needs an excuse to soak in a nice-smelling pool of happiness. Anyone who gets easily bored when they're not multitasking or being stimulated in some way — AKA, they can catch up on those books they've been meaning to read, those shows they've been meaning to check out, or those podcasts they've been meaning to listen to, while also treating their body.

    Get it from Amazon for $34+ or Umbra for $40 (available in two colors).

    10. Winc Wine Tasting 101 Kit includes everything you need for a fun night of ~tipsy education,~ which is the best kind, amirite? Six bottles of wine, six paper bags to disguise their identities for a blind taste testing, blank tasting notes cards, and even more informative cards about each wine (once they're revealed), as well as must-know wine terms.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: The wannabe wine connoisseur in your life! And I say that in the best possible way — anyone who loves drinking wine, but doesn't know *exactly* what they like because they don't know what to look for (or smell or taste) in their wines. It's also great for Trader Joe three-buck Chuck fanatics looking for an upgrade into more ~adult~ wines.

    Get it from Winc for $99 (shipping included).

    11. Sephora Favorites Give Me More Lip Kit makes lipstick lovers' dreams come true with a gorgeous collection of five full-sized and nine deluxe-sized lipsticks and lip glosses in a variety of finishes, formulas, and shades.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Lipstick aficionados. You know, the people that stick to the same products for the rest of their face, but never fail to switch up their lip color — sometimes multiple times a day! From Huda Beauty, NARS, Marc Jacobs and Kat Von D to Charlotte Tilbury, they're always looking for their new favorite lippie.

    Get it from Sephora for $47 (originally $68; valued at $212).

    12. Amazon Echo Plus can make your busy day-to-day life way easier — from ordering groceries/house supplies on Amazon, blasting music with premium 360° speakers, notifying you what the weather's like so you're dressed appropriately, or controlling your compatible smart bulbs — Alexa is basically a built-in BFF and housekeeper.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: Anyone who loved the DCOM Smart Home. Ok, in all seriousness, anyone who would love to simplify parts of their lives and have a little help when it comes to logistical, day-to-day tasks. And anyone who wants high-quality speakers, but also totally wouldn't mind some extra built-in capabilities.

    Get it from Amazon for $149.99 (available in three colors).

    13. SkinStore 12 Miracles of Beauty Advent Calendar is truly a gift that keeps on giving with 12 full-sized products that range from beloved skincare/body products to nap sprays to hair serums — there's something really magical about waking up to a surprise every day!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: A skincare fanatic who's always willing to try new products and brands (especially lesser-known ones) to achieve ✨ dat glow ✨. Or a beauty lover who has particular preferences/tastes and is hard to shop for, because TBQH, they're bound to like a few of these products, if not all 12!

    Get it from SkinStore for $69 (originally $99; valued at $340).

    14. Briogeo Hair-O-Scopes Brightest Stars Bestsellers brings life back into dry, damaged hair with a Clean at Sephora-certified quartet consisting of a deep conditioning mask, micro-exfoliating shampoo, heat protectant creme, and leave-in conditioner — because cheers to less breakage, and smoother and healthier-looking hair!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: People who really, really care about their hair and reach for products beyond the simple shampoo-and-conditioner routine. People who've thrown their hair through the coloring ringer and need all the deeply hydrating masks and leave-in treatments they can come by. People who style their hair on the reg and use lots of products that could cause build-up in the scalp region, and therefore need to flush all of that stuff out from time to time.

    Get it from Sephora for $39 (valued at $54.50).

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    15. Terra Luna Espresso Scrub + Buttah Shea Butter is the perfect natural combination for skin so soft you'll wanna hug yourself.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: That friend whose idea of a turn up is actually turning down at home with face masks and candle-lit baths. Terra Luna Beauty's Espresso Scrub smells divine (even if you're like me and don't drink coffee) and it actually improves your skin, thanks to key ingredients caffeine, green tea, coconut oil, and shea and cocoa butter. When you rinse it all away your skin is left feeling unbelievably soft, which brings me to my next point: Because your skin is exfoliated and moisturized from the scrub, layering with Buttah by Dorion Renaud Facial Shea Butter after only makes it even more soft and moisturized. And I know it's a face product, but it can be used anywhere on your body. I've used both of these products together, and separately, and I swear by them!

    Get them from Terra Luna Beauty for $28, and Buttah by Dorion Renaud for $19.

    16. Crown Candle Co. x Beth Diana Dmith Vibe Holiday Gift Set is a limited edition tumbler and tin candle set that smells of black currant and absinthe.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The candle collector who's also passionate about woman-owned businesses. I actually light this Crown Candle Co. and Beth Diana Smith collaboration every single morning when I'm getting ready for work, and it's been the perfect way to get me pumped about the day without making me anxious with overbearing scents. The gorgeous packaging is also fitting for the holidays without being too cliche, so it can be gifted to anyone regardless of what they celebrate. It also comes in a white gift box tied in gold ribbon so there's no wrapping on your part!

    Get it from Crown Candle Co. for $45.

    17. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna's Chillowt holiday collection is pigment-packed and can be gifted as a set or separately.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The Rihanna stan who loves a good beat, obvi. The Chillowt holiday collection includes Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter Palette; Two Lil Mattemoiselles ornaments; Snow Daze and Snow Nights Frosted Metal Lipstick sets; Frost Hunny, Frost Money and Frost Bunny Metal Lipstick sets; Mini Fairy Bomb ornament, and the Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set. The packaging is beautiful, as expected, and the pigments show up so well. A lot of the products are also multi-purpose. The powders can be worn anywhere, and the lipsticks can also be used to frost the eyes and brows.

    Get it from Sephora for $19-$99.

    18. Calpak Ambeur 3-Piece Rose Gold Luggage Set is chic, spacious, and each bag fits in the next size up so it's ideal for storing in small spaces.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The college student or professional who travels a lot. (If you ARE that person then put it on your "things for the parents/aunties/older loved ones to buy me" list). I own this luggage set and absolutely LOVE it! The carry-on fits inside the medium luggage and the medium luggage fits inside the large luggage so it's perfect for storing, especially if the lucky recipient lives in a tiny apartment. The insides are also spacious so you can pack quite a bit (like the dirty laundry every young adult totes cross country to wash at their parent's house for free) in there. It's also pretty affordable for a three-piece set that should last through college or the first four or so years of their first "real" job, depending on how much they travel.

    Get it from Calpak for $385.

    19. Beneath Your Mask The Ultimate Face Mask Ritual, exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman, is a set complete with a natural detoxifying mask and all the tools you need to apply it.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: The bad and bougie loved one who enjoys a quality face mask that actually makes skin look and feel better. Beneath Your Mask designed this luxe set exclusively for Bergdorf Goodman, complete with its Clarifying Face Mask formula, a clay mixing pot and application brush. The natural ingredients — like French green clay, Fuller’s earth clay and honey — are non-toxic and cruelty-free. A little goes a long way, too, so this set that looks beautiful on a vanity set will last a while. Sitting in this mask with candles burning and a glass of wine in hand is one of the many ways I manifest being a rich old lady in my Manhattan penthouse apartment.

    Get it from Bergdorf Goodman for $150.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    20. A Chillhouse gift card is super versatile and useful if you live in or are visiting New York. Here, people can get nail art manicures*, massages, delicious lattes and more.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who appreciates a good art mani, anyone pursuing a hand modeling career, anyone looking to seriously ~chill,~ or anyone who appreciates good aesthetics.

    Get it from Chillhouse starting at $25. If you're not in New York, consider a gift certificate to your friend or family member's favorite nail salon.

    *Special thanks to Chillhouse for the nail art on this shoot!

    21. I can go on and on about my love for Nest candles but since I know people don't like to read anymore, I'll just say they are the best candles ever made, IMHO.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves GREAT candles, anyone in the market for the best candles ever made, anyone who appreciates impecable packaging, or anyone who want to feel luxurious everytime they light a candle.

    Get them from Nordstrom: The Reed Diffuser Trio Set for $54, the Petite Candle Trio Set for $64, and the Holiday Votive Candle for $16.

    22. I got a pair of Doc Martens two winters ago and they've since become a necessity to survive my least favorite season in New York. Rain, snow, slush, trash, questionable liquids, my boots can get through anything! Also they make me feel cool AF.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who is looking for a more stylish alternative to snow boots, anyone who wants durable shoes, anyone who is looking to invest in shoes that'll last for years, or anyone who wants to feel cool AF.

    Get them from Nordstrom: The 1460 Rainbow Patent Boot (left) for $139.95 and the 1460 Boot in white (right) starting at $140.

    23. As someone who is passionate about passion fruit, this Natura Brasil Maracujá gift set is all I want for Christmas. It includes passion fruit hand lotion and exfoliating soap inside a hand-crafted clutch made by the women of the Porto Sauípe Artisans Association.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: People who think passion fruit is an underrated scent, anyone looking for a great gift set under $50, anyone who wants to support women artisans, or anyone who wants soft skin in 2019.

    Get it from Natura Brasil for $45.

    24. I haven't worn Abercrombie & Fitch since high school, but I fell in love with this velvet puffer coat at an event and realized A&F has some really cute winter stuff going on!

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loved A&F in high school, anyone looking for a cute and warm winter coat, anyone into velvet and/or soft things, or anyone who recently got into puffer coats.

    You can get it from Abercrombie & Fitch for $140.

    25. I discovered Even Keel after winning one of their soaps on a Instagram giveaway. Now, I'm a fan and I want everyone to know about this vegan bath and body line that looks almost too pretty to use.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who showers TBH, frequent travelers who are tired of shitty hotel soap, anyone who loves beautiful things, anyone who wants small business to thrive, or anyone who is super into natural and clean ingredients.

    You can get them from Even Keels: The Expedition Set: Bath (left) for $28, the Expedition Set: Body (center) for $28, and the French Rose Elixir for $12.

    26. Gelato Pique is a Japanese brand that recently opened their first boutique in New York. They create stylish sleepwear designed to be like “wearable dessert” for grown-ups.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone looking to up their sleepwear game, anyone who knows it's time to retire that marathon shirt they've been sleeping in for the past five years, anyone who really loves gelato, or anyone who knows that style and comfort *CAN* go hand in hand.

    Get the set from Gelato Pique, the top for $71.90 and the bottoms for $71.90.

    27. Staud has managed to create handbags that are the perfect mix of trendy and classic. These pieces are showstoppers you'll have in your closet for years to come.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend with the style blog, anyone who appreciates fun accessories, anyone with a growing purse collection, or just anyone with good style.

    Get them from Staud (top to bottom): the Shirley Bag in lavender for $210, the Bisset Bag in cognac for $350, the Moreau bag in twilight blue for $281.25, and the Gabbi Bag for $195.

    28. Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE SUITS. Suits as in fashion, not Megan Markle's show. This particular Who What Wear x Target corduroy suit makes me feel like I could be starring in a Netflix Holiday rom-com and that's 100% a compliment.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who is looking for a cool outfit for a holiday party, anyone who wants to incorporate suits into their wardrobe, anyone looking for an affordable yet stylish suit, or anyone who wants to feel like the star of a holiday movie.

    Get it from Target, the pants for $29.99 (size 2-16) and $32.99 (size 14-26) and the blazer for $44.99 (S-L) and $49.99 (sizes XL-4X).

    29. Cuyana's brand philosophy is "fewer, better things" and that's exactly what the brand creates: better products. Their timeless collections are filled with closet staples, like this leather bag.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who goes from coffee shop to coffee shop with their laptops in hand, anyone who commutes, anyone who needs a small weekender bag, or anyone looking for a durable bag.

    Get it from Cuyana for $175 (available in seven colors).

    30. Repeat after me: Cashmere sweaters are worth every penny! They'll last a lifetime and keep you so, so warm in the process.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: This is honestly a timeless piece and it works well for everyone.

    Get them from Nordstrom, the crewneck sweater now for $58.90 (reg price $89) and the turtleneck $99.

    31. My new favorite thing to do before going to bed is using my jade roller with a moisturizing oil or serum. It makes my skin look and feel SO. MUCH. BETTER.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone into skin care, anyone who has a hard time sticking to a beauty routine, anyone who likes or believes in crystals, or anyone who's always down to try new skin care products.

    Get them both from Sephora, the Herbivore Jade Roller (green) for $30 and the Herbivore Rose Quartz roller for $40.

    32. I *just* discovered scarfs and my winters will never be the same. They make any boring outfit look regal and elegant with minimal effort. Also they keep your neck super warm.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves bold accessories, anyone who loves to look great with minimal effort, or anyone who doesn't want to sacrifice their style for warmth this winter.

    I have two options for you (both faux fur): get the orange and blue scarves (left) from Target for $18 and the multi-colored one (right) from Nordstrom for $89.

    33. After putting on a pair of Allbirds for five minutes, I quickly understood how they became a $1.4 billion dollar sneaker company in just two years. They truly are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who is looking for comfortable sneakers, anyone who loves to travel, anyone who prefers walking over taking public transportation, anyone who lives in a walkable city like New York.

    Get the Wool Runners from Allbirds for $95 (available in 16 colors).

    34. Gravity Blankets are weighted blankets that have been credited with helping people fall and stay asleep. They also stimulate pressure points which increases relaxation.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: I think we can all use more sleep and relaxation after the year we had, amirite?

    Get it from Gravity for $249.

    35. My main New Year's resolution almost every year is to be more organized. If you want to keep track of the things you truly enjoy, these Moleskine Passion Journals are perfect for that.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Travelers, winos, amateur cooks, expectant parents, anyone planning a wedding, anyone who just joined a book club, and anyone in a wellness journey.

    Get them from Moleskine for $29.95 each.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    36. As a curvy girl who is cold AF in the winter, these Old Navy jeans lined with fleece-like fabric are THE BEST — I know that they'll fit my booty, my legs, and my height while keeping me toasty through the cold weather.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves a good pair of jeans, which is quite possibly every person on Earth.

    Get a pair of low-rise rockstar skinny jeans from Old Navy for $34.99. And because buying jeans is a personal experience, you could go the route of Old Navy gift card, too.

    37. As someone who is constantly on the go, I have to have a duffel bag that can pretty much fit a small person. When I saw that Baboon had these HUGE duffle bags that can also turn into backpacks, I was immediately sold.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who loves bags that are not going to easily rip or tear. Also whoever loves items that are easily identifiable while traveling. They also have seven other colors and I'm on a quest to get them all.

    Get a Go-Bag-Big from Baboon for $179.

    Ellie Sunakawa / BuzzFeed

    38. The Bling Brush is a pen-sized jewelry cleaner and brush that works like a freaking charm. Twist the bottom of the pen to dispense cleaner and use it on rings, earrings, necklaces, whatever. It's especially great for newly engaged friends.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Your friend who just got engaged, your friend who’s constantly traveling, or anyone who wants their jewelry to look sparkly 100% of the time.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.

    39. Kuschelbar is the first men’s styling tool and let me tell you, this thing is like a godsend. In less than two minutes, the straightener heats up to style beards and short hair. All you have to do is use it like a regular comb, but the heat helps to create a smooth texture that stays all day.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone with a beard who wants to look like they truly understand how to groom their facial hair, and anyone with short hair who likes a smooth style. It’s a game-changer for men who don’t want to spend tons of time on their appearance but still want to look pulled together.

    Watch this video to see how it works!

    Get it from Masc By Jeff Chastain for $100.

    40. UGG Slippers are the Rolls Royce of at-home footwear. They’re cozy as hell, great for year-round wear (they’re the right temperature no matter what), and if you pack them while traveling, you’ll always feel a little bit more at home in your hotel.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: Anyone who wants to be comfortable at home (read: every damn person in the world) but wouldn’t necessarily think to spend money on REALLY nice slippers. I bought my first pair 5 years ago and just recently got a new pair because I wore the first ones down so much. Once you go UGG at home, it’s nearly impossible to go back. #NeverBarefoot

    Get them from Nordstrom for $79.95 (available in 3 colors).

    41. Rent The Runway Unlimited is a monthly service that allows you to keep up to four designer items at a time. Once you've worn something, you simply send it back and choose something new. It's AHHHMAZING.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Three As/Is team members all do RTR unlimited. Here's why makes for a great gift:

    Augusta: I've been a member of Rent the Runway Unlimited for 15 months and legit have not bought clothing in that long. It's a huge money-saver, people compliment my outfits on a daily basis, and because they take care of dry cleaning, I have much less laundry. Seriously, there's no downside!

    Daniela: As someone who has champagne taste on a LaCroix budget, RTR Unlimited is heaven-sent. I get to casually wear $400 blouses to work and $500 dresses on vacation. I also love how creative I've gotten with my style, I'm now wearing silhouettes and colors I would've never considered before. It's also great for the environment — much less fashion waste!

    A month of Rent The Runway Unlimited starts at $99.

    42. J.Crew’s Chateau Parka is a best-seller because where else are you going to find an actually warm winter coat that also looks this dang stylish? It comes in six colors, has a detachable fur lining on the hood, and lots of pocket space.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who this is perfect for: People who are always cold but want the option to look as stylish as a British Royal when they’re outside during the winter.

    Get it from J.Crew for $365 (available in 6 colors).

    43. The first time I opened a personalized candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio, I legit cried. For anyone who treasure candles, seeing your name on the label of a really beautiful jar of wax just feels really special.

    Anisha Sisodia / BuzzFeed

    Who is this perfect for: With multiple options for scents and the ability to customize the name on the label, you can get this for your friend who is obsessed with candles, or choose the “Champagne Toast” scent for your friends who recently got engaged.

    Get it from Brooklyn Candle Studio for $45.

    Happy shopping!