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    21 Things That Are Too Real For People Who Suck At Makeup

    Liquid eyeliner can smell fear.

    1. Good makeup is basically art.

    2. And just like art, it doesn't always come naturally to everyone.

    3. Face it, makeup is your Achilles' heel.

    4. Maybe because you always forget to follow all the steps and rules.

    5. You know damn well that makeup tutorials only *look* easy.

    6. And every time you get the courage to try a new one, you always end up looking like a hot mess.

    7. Even when you *think* you followed the instructions to a T.

    8. So you always just end up making up your own technique.

    9. You've tried convincing yourself that crappy makeup can be ~your thing~.

    10. Because you know that pretty much anyone can handle liquid liner better than you ever could.

    11. You know liquid liner is the enemy.

    12. And Q-tips are your allies.

    13. Finally nailing your liner is euphoric.

    14. Sometimes you think you look cute...until you step out into the sunlight.

    15. And you're excited about trying a ~high vamp~ look, but it doesn't exactly work out.

    16. And those tricks to make your lips look fuller? They're harder than they look.

    17. You deeply admire people who can multitask while doing their makeup.

    18. And you've accepted the fact that you're basically the left eyebrow of applying makeup.

    19. But you always learn from your mistakes.

    20. And when your makeup actually comes out right, you protect it at all costs.

    21. Because for you, a good makeup day is as special as February 29th.