13 People Opened Up About Learning To Love Their Insecurities

    It took a while, but we all learned to love parts of ourselves we disliked before.

    Big or small, fleeting or permanent, insecurities can gravely affect how we feel about ourselves. That's why there's no greater satisfaction than getting over something you were wildly insecure about in the past. We asked our co-workers about how they overcame their insecurities, and here's what they had to say.

    1. Jamé was insecure about her smile when she was younger, but now, she'll literally LOL for pictures because she knows happiness looks good on her.

    2. Caelan hated the dark circles under her eyes, until she realized most people didn't even notice them.

    3. Kyle was insecure about his acne and wearing makeup to cover it up, until he said "fuck it" and tried concealer. Now, he loves skin care and makeup, and he proudly wears Fenty's Trophy Wife highlighter!

    4. Sarah was insecure about the shape of her face, especially after hearing people make comments about it all the time. She has now learned to embrace and celebrate what she's got!

    5. Elena was insecure about how pale she was, especially after being called "Casper." She has now realized there are worse things in life than being pale, and blush has become a valuable ally.

    6. Jessica hated her curly hair and thought people would only take her seriously if she straightened it. A coworker encouraged her to stop straightening her hair for work, and now, she wears her hair curly every single day.

    7. Nikki was insecure about how much hair she had on her eyebrows and arms when she was younger, but guess who's eyebrows are everyone's #goals now?

    8. Treye was holding on to his edges, until he realized that a bald head can be just as cool as a full head of hair. Oh, and New York City prices might've helped get him there.

    9. Ignacia didn't like the way her curls looked, but it all changed after she went natural and started taking care of her hair properly.

    10. Sarah was insecure about her double earlobe, until she learned it was something she shared with her grandmother.

    11. Rachel was insecure about not having her ears pierced, her weight, and her height. She has overcome her insecurities by realizing clip-on earrings are pretty great, everything in moderation is key, and you don't have to be tall to be heard.

    12. Essence was insecure about her legs, but now, she loves throwing on a pair of shorts in the summer.

    13. And Daniela hated wearing hoops when she was younger, because she thought they made her look "too Latina," and she didn't think that was a good thing. Now that she's learned to love and embrace who she is, the bigger the hoop, the better!

    There's light at the end of the tunnel, even when it feels like it's filled with insecurities.