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Festival Hairstyle Ideas For 2018: Shiny Hair Bling

Swap your flowers for some bling with these shimmering hair ideas for festivals.

Coachella marks the start of festival season, and with it, a bunch new and reemerging trends we'll probably see all summer long. So If you're looking for festival hairstyle ideas, I got something that'll make your summer extra bright, no KiraKira needed.

Frazer Harrison, Kevin Winter

Janine Ker, a Pasadena-based artist turned hairstylist, made a name for herself making hair trends that are always fun and packed with color — and yes, her designs have Festival Season written all over 'em. Hair stenciling and color carving are part of her repertoire.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

But this year, she's all about hair bling for festivals. YUP: Bejeweled hair that'll make any boring hairdo outshine the sun.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

According to Ker, these new looks are inspired by ~festival vibes,~ freedom of expression, having fun, and not following the rules.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

If you want to give your hair that festival bling, DIY-ing the look is surprisingly easy. Ker told As/Is she uses bling stickers or adhesive gems, which you can get at Michaels Craft for $5.99, or on Amazon for $7.99. There are a ton of different colors, shapes, and textures you can play with.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

Then, pick a hair style to mount the gems on. You can do whatever you want, as long as it has a smooth surface for the bling to stick. "Great options are '90s middle parts, side parts, the sides of braided hair, slick ponytails, or buns," Ker explained.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

If you really want the gems to pop, take your hair color into consideration. Dark gems will contrast best against light hair, and vice versa.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

"Create a design composition in the flat and smooth space of the hairdo. For some designs, I used geometric images I googled for inspo, for others, I filled in the space with pretty flowing lines," she told As/Is.

Instagram: @janine_ker_hair

Et voià, now you're ready for a bright, shiny summer.

Instagram: @love_kevin_murphy

I'm just happy my hair will match my highlighter this summer!

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