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    Bejeweled Hair Is The Perfect Accessory For Festival Season

    Swap your flowers for some bling.

    Coachella marks the start of festival season, and with it, a bunch new and reemerging trends we'll probably see all summer long. So If you're looking for festival hairstyle ideas, I got something that'll make your summer extra bright, no KiraKira needed.

    Janine Ker, a Pasadena-based artist turned hairstylist, made a name for herself making hair trends that are always fun and packed with color — and yes, her designs have Festival Season written all over 'em. Hair stenciling and color carving are part of her repertoire.

    But this year, she's all about hair bling for festivals. YUP: Bejeweled hair that'll make any boring hairdo outshine the sun.

    According to Ker, these new looks are inspired by ~festival vibes,~ freedom of expression, having fun, and not following the rules.

    If you want to give your hair that festival bling, DIY-ing the look is surprisingly easy. Ker told As/Is she uses bling stickers or adhesive gems, which you can get at Michaels Craft for $5.99, or on Amazon for $7.99. There are a ton of different colors, shapes, and textures you can play with.

    Then, pick a hair style to mount the gems on. You can do whatever you want, as long as it has a smooth surface for the bling to stick. "Great options are '90s middle parts, side parts, the sides of braided hair, slick ponytails, or buns," Ker explained.

    If you really want the gems to pop, take your hair color into consideration. Dark gems will contrast best against light hair, and vice versa.

    "Create a design composition in the flat and smooth space of the hairdo. For some designs, I used geometric images I googled for inspo, for others, I filled in the space with pretty flowing lines," she told As/Is.

    Et voià, now you're ready for a bright, shiny summer.

    I'm just happy my hair will match my highlighter this summer!