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27 Cool Products That Will Make Latinas Say "I Need This"

As if you needed another reason to shop.

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7. If you've ever had Cuban coffee, you know coladas can be lethal in large quantities, but the right amount can save lives.

Get this Martha of Miami shirt here for $19.99.


8. This cool Selena shirt is a perfect way to honor the Queen of Tejano music.

You can buy this Las Rudas shirt on Etsy for $20.

9. This Frida pouch by Raggedy Tiff is perfect to store your most valuable possessions.

You can shop the Frida collection here, including this pouch for $30.

11. Because they understand that cafecito = life.

Don't give me none of that Folgers BS. Pins available here.


14. Caca, such a simple yet meaningful word.

If your pin game is caca, you can change that. Buy it here for $1.75.

15. Para las nenas chulas, so basically ALL OF YOU.

You can buy this Apartment B Collective shirt here for $46.


16. Not only will this hat protect your face from harmful UV rays, it also sends a message: NOT TODAY SATAN.

The "Coño no me joda" hat is available here for $28.


27. And this, a reminder that ignorance still runs rampant so you must educate people.

You can buy this shirt here for $20.