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    19 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Literally Anyone Can Throw Together

    Ideas so damn easy it's scary.

    1. You can go for Nintendo royalty and dress up as Mario or his bro, Luigi:

    John/ Flickr: johngiez- / Via Creative Commons

    What you'll need: If you have denim overalls or jeans and suspenders, you're golden!

    2. Rihanna in the FourFiveSeconds video:

    What you'll need: Jeans paired with an oversized jean jacket, a belt, and Timberland boots.

    3. Bruce Springsteen's 1984 "Born in the USA" album cover:

    What you'll need: Jeans, a white tee, and a red cap tucked into your back pocket. Extra points if you can manage to have the American flag as your background all night.

    4. John Wayne, America's most famous cowboy:

    Monogram Pictures Corp. / Getty Images
    Keystone / Stringer

    What you'll need: Jeans, button-up shirt, bandana, cowboy hat and boots.

    5. Wear everything to the back with a little slack:

    What you'll need: Baggy jeans worn backwards, a jersey, and sneakers.

    6. Go for one of the classics with a simple but powerful Rosie the Riveter costume:

    Robert Byron / Getty Images

    What you'll need: Red lipstick, red bandana, and denim shirt.

    7. If we're talking about denim we can't forget James Dean, obvs:

    Hulton Archive / Getty Images
    Hulton Archive / Stringer

    What you'll need: Jeans, a white shirt, and a red jacket.

    8. Ultimate BFF goals, Thelma and Louise:

    What you'll need: It depends on what look you’re going for, but you’ll be good with high-waisted jeans, a t-shirt, sunglasses, and a scarf.

    9. Rock out as The Ramones:

    What you'll need: Jeans, a white shirt, and a leather jacket.

    10. Cindy Crawford's 1991 Pepsi commercial:

    What you'll need:Cut-off jean shorts, a white spaghetti strap tank, and a can of Pepsi.

    11. Frances "Baby" Houseman in Dirty Dancing:

    What you'll need: Capri jeans and a white button-up shirt. Extra points if you find a Johnny to dance with you.

    12. A creepy scarecrow with a heart of gold:

    Loren Javier / Via Flickr: lorenjavier

    What you'll need: Hay, overalls, patches, a straw hat, and boots.

    13. A group of Minions:

    Bhautik Joshi / Via Flickr: captin_nod

    What you'll need: Yellow shirt and socks, overalls or jean shorts.

    14. Be a different kind of Audrey and dress as Holly Golightly singing "Moon River":

    What you'll need: Ankle jeans, sweatshirt, a head towel, and a guitar.

    15. Pretty much any and every kind of Justin Bieber:

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images
    Jason Merritt / Staff
    Jerome Favre / Stringer

    What you'll need: Literally anything denim because that's what he wears almost exclusively.

    16. Nickelodeon's finest, Clarissa Darling:


    What you'll need: High-waisted jeans, pink tights, a Keith Haring shirt, and anything ~quirky~ you can find.

    17. If you're looking for something scary, try your luck as doll serial killer Chucky:

    V Threepio / Via Flickr: warriorpoet

    What you'll need: Overalls, a striped shirt, and creepy makeup.

    18. #TBT Destiny's Child:

    Jason Kirk / Getty Images
    Carlos Alvarez / Stringer

    What you'll need: Two friends that are willing to color coordinate with you, a lot of denim, and Tina Lawson's vision.

    19. Be everyone's fave and dress up as Barb from Stranger Things:


    What you'll need: high-waited mom jeans, a long sleeve button-up shirt and clear-frame glasses.

    This Halloween you better be dressed to kill.