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    Being Color Blind Didn't Stop This Makeup Artist From Doing What She Loves

    She's learned to see her color blindness as a unique perspective, instead of a deficiency.

    Andria Tomlin has been doing makeup for the past six years. She has worked for brands like Sephora and MAC, and, oh yeah, she happens to be color blind.

    To hear Andria explain her techniques and see her makeup application in action, watch our video below!

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    There are different types of color blindness. In Andria's case, she can technically see all colors, but she can't see many hues and shades of reds and greens.

    Andria always knew she saw the world differently, but she didn't get an official diagnosis until she tried to join the Air Force.

    So how exactly does a color blind woman become a makeup artist? Well, it all started when she had to step in for no-show makeup artists so brides wouldn't have a meltdown.

    Andria has had to develop a process that works for her, and she has learned a few tricks to help her achieve the perfect look.

    For example: she's learned a lot about color theory from MAC, and she knows that by adding red or yellow, she can adjust foundation shades.

    Andria swatches the custom color on a client's jawline to make sure that it is correct. If it disappears, it usually is the right shade.

    She can't see reds very well, but she can see purples, so she swatches the red on top of blue, to be able to tell them apart.

    "The swatches that turn purple have more of a blue-based red. The ones that turn orange have more of a yellow-based red. If it turns brown, its a healthy mix."

    "I put the colors next to the palette and am able to label them accordingly."

    And when she struggles with greens, she uses contrasts.

    And sometimes, like everyone else, she relies on technology for help.

    Despite the obstacles, Andria is proud of herself for being able to do what she does.

    And she has learned that her color blindness is a unique perspective, instead of a deficiency.

    Andria doesn't believe being color blind has hindered her career, but being in denial about it probably didn't help.

    Though her work speaks for itself, things aren't always easy for Andria, and sometimes people don't trust her with their makeup.

    And there have been plenty of times when Andria has second-guessed her talent, but she always finds a way to keep going.

    She also has to deal with people asking her ridiculous questions about what being color blind is like, but she has learned to have fun with it.

    Thankfully, Andria has a lot of support, especially from her husband, who also happens to see the world differently.

    Andria dreams of creating a makeup line for people who want to break the mold and be different.

    Andria, you're truly an inspiration!

    If you'd like to know more about Andria, make sure to follow her work on Instagram by @colorblindmua1.