19 Questionable Beauty Trends People Thought Were A Good Idea

    Raise your hand if you thought overplucking your eyebrows was a good idea.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about the beauty trends they regret trying. Here’s what they had to say:

    1. Not everyone is a fan of the '90s making a comeback.

    2. It's hard to rock a celebrity hairstyle without a glam squad.

    "I got a Mary-Kate-and-Ashley-style haircut, and it was so bad. I obviously didn’t have a person to fix it all the time so I always had messed-up bangs." —christinahroland

    3. If patience isn't your strong suit, you probably shouldn't shave the side of your head.

    4. No one is immune to bad foundation.

    5. Mall bangs and perms make for the best #TBT Instagrams.

    6. Contrast hair destroyed many people's manes in the early 2000s.

    7. Sun-In didn't give everyone sun-kissed hair.

    "Sun-In…on hair with lots of red undertones. You know what that gets you? An alarming shade of Tennessee Orange. Two years to grow it out, because my parents did not allow me to dye my hair. I am 32, and my friends still make jokes about it." —natoshabee

    8. Hair stamps might've looked fun, but they were a nightmare to get rid of.

    "HAIR STAMPS! It looked so cool on TV but then when I tried it, everything went downhill. My hair was screwed up for a week!" —FnchDarcy

    9. Feathers should only be for birds.

    "The hair feathers that were popular during like 2012–2013, for sure! I had one that stuck out of my hair because it was so small — it was bright yellow/blue and it looked like barf!" —JuliannaSwygert

    10. Scene hair wasn't worth the time or effort.

    "I regret the ‘scene’ look so much! It was a costly, time-consuming style that only looked good in photographs after a ton of editing and filters. I wanted to look edgy and authentic, but usually looked like a hot mess for the majority of my teenage years. I won’t pretend to regret leaving behind any of the fashion or pretentious veneer of counterculture from my scene kid days." —nekkonekkok

    11. Everyone wanted "The Rachel," but very few succeeded in re-creating it.

    12. The wet, scrunched look is making a comeback, but not everyone is a fan.

    "Putting a shit ton of mousse in your hair to give it that 'wet, scrunchy' look. I can't believe I actually thought that was a great idea." —AshleySteidl

    13. Fake beauty marks seemed like a good idea, somehow.

    14. There were no rules when it came to black eyeliner.

    15. Side ponytails with massive scrunchies isn't a look people are proud of.

    "Gawd, the side ponytail…usually with an aggressively large scrunchy or bow." —miznortonbuswell

    16. Roll-on glitter made eyelids shine bright.

    17. Eyebrows on fleek = the thinner, the better.

    18. Once upon a time, the pullet (perm + mullet) was thing.

    "The worst was the pullet. In middle school I had a mullet with a perm. I would also use a banana clip, which would only contain the 'party in the back,' so I had a giant poof of 'business in the front.'" —Michele Buccheri Pelham, Facebook

    19. And fake hair scrunchies were super fashionable.

    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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