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    This New Beauty Trend Takes Connecting The Dots To a Whole New Level

    Connect the freckles and you'll find a hidden message.

    People have been tattooing faux freckles on their faces for a hot minute.

    We've seen freckle pencils, freckle liquid liners, and even freckle stencils, but now there's a new trend in sight.

    Astro Frecks combines astrology, hidden messages, and freckles all in one delicate, and meaningful tattoo. It was created by Michigan-based tattoo artist, Jessica Knapik, who places freckles in a way that when they're connected, they map out your astrological sign's constellation.

    "Like so many people are right now, I'm super into crystals, and metaphysical things. Channeling your best intentions and vibes and putting your goals and wishes out into the universe. So AstroFrecks just kind of sparked from that," Knapik told BuzzFeed.

    The freckles are applied using a cosmetic tattooing technique, which means they won't be harsh on your skin, but they also won't last forever.

    Ever since I can remember, people always asked me if I'd ever gotten so bored that I tried "connected the dots," (referring to the freckles on my face). So, seeing this new trend pop up on my IG feed, makes it feel like a familiar thing has come full circle.