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Afro-Latinxs: Tell Us Your Racial Microaggression Story, And How You Handled It

Because you *CAN* be black and Latinx.

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In the season premiere of Love & Hip Hop: Miami, a music producer, Young Hollywood, called the gorgeous Dominican singer Amara La Negra a "Nutella queen" and said that her Afro wasn't elegant.

This conversation made me so mad. It's sad that people actually think like this.

Yes, it's 2018 and Afro-Latinas STILL have to explain their identity to people, including other Latinas.

Instagram: @remezcla

So we're calling all our Afro-Latinx readers to tell us if they've ever faced anything similar to what happened to Amara "La Negra."

Maybe it was a co-worker who made an inappropriate comment about your identity.

Or a close-minded family member who made you feel excluded for your looks.

So, vent in the comment section: What was your experience with racial microaggressions as an Afro-Latinx, and how did you handle it? Share your story and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.


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