32 Cool World Cup T-Shirts For People Who Want To Support Their Team But Are On A Budget

    Jerseys can be expensive, so here are some alternatives.

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    1. This Argentina t-shirt with some of the team's top players (yes even if Messi misses a penalty, he's still one of the top players), is perfect for any "Albiceleste" fans.

    2. If you're supporting Australia this World Cup, you can get this customizable t-shirt to get into the football spirit.

    3. If you're rooting for the ~Red Devils,~ who also happen to be one of the favorites this World Cup, but don't want to commit to the official jersey, this cute t-shirt will do the trick.

    4. Though Brazil is also considered one of the favorites, getting a t-shirt with a legend's name on it might be the safest bet after what happened in 2014.

    5. If you want to show love for "Los Cafeteros," while educating people at the same time, this shirt is for you.

    6. Costa Ricans did well last World Cup, but that doesn't mean you can justify spending $84.99 on a jersey. If you're on a budget but still want to show your support, you can do so with a t-shirt like this one.

    7. Croatia started off the World Cup with a win, so if that makes you want to show your team off, this t-shirt will help you with that.

    8. Denmark also started the World Cup right, by winning their first match. Get this t-shirt if you think the Danes have a shot at winning everything.

    9. Even though Mo Salah is still recovering from his Champions League injury, he'll most likely be playing for Egypt's next game. Get this shirt if you're a Mo Salah and Egypt fan.

    10. England hasn't won a World Cup title since 1966, but if you have faith in the current team, this t-shirt should be in your shopping cart.

    11. If you think "Les Bleus" are taking the cup home, this cropped tee should be part of your wardrobe this summer.

    12. Germany, the current champs, have a ton of fans who would look great wearing this Deutschland t-shirt.

    13. Iceland shocked people by tying with Argentina in their World Cup debut. If you're impressed and want to show the team love, this cute t-shirt is perfect for you.

    14. If you're a fan of Iran's team solely because you think they're hot, I'm not here to judge. Also, here's a t-shirt so you can pretend you care about football too.

    15. Are you supporting the "Blue Samurai," but don't want to spend over $30 doing so? I got you. This ~football~ t-shirt is under $25.

    16. If you're into minimalist design and Korean football, this shirt is a perfect mix of both.

    17. Mexico's fans are so committed to their team, that after their win over Germany, they literally created a mini earthquake. If you're shook by how well they played, and want to show your support, get this t-shirt in your shopping cart ASAP.

    18. The "Lions of the Atlas" is a sweet nickname for a football team. If you feel the same way and want to make your love for Morocco known, get this shirt.

    19. Though Nigeria has one of the coolest soccer kits ever, not everyone can spend over $80 on something they'll only wear a few times. So this t-shirt is for you.

    20. Panama is making their World Cup debut this year, and if you're excited about it, you can show your love by wearing this t-shirt.

    21. It's the first time Peru is playing the World Cup since 1982, so if that's not reason to celebrate, I don't know what is. Get this t-shirt to show your support.

    22. If you're rooting for Poland, get this chill, yet very Polish t-shirt.

    23. If you think Cristiano Ronaldo is bae, but you're also into how talented he is, show your man support with this Portugal t-shirt.

    24. If you're rooting for the host nation, but don't feel like committing to an actual jersey, this Russian t-shirt is the perfect find for you.

    25. Saudi Arabia had an upsetting loss against Russia at the World Cup opening game, but if you're a loyal fan and will stand by your team no matter what, you should consider getting this t-shirt.

    26. Senegal reached quarter-finals in 2002, and now they're back for more. Rep your team with this colorful t-shirt.

    27. This Serbia t-shirt looks almost exactly like the official jersey, but it's way, way more affordable.

    28. Spain is another favorite this year. Get this t-shirt if you want to bet for a team that will probably go far in the tournament.

    29. Sweden might be missing Zlatan this World Cup, but they might not need him after all. Show your love for the Swedes with this cotton t-shirt.

    30. Switzerland will most likely make it out of the group stage, so show some love with this football-friendly t-shirt.

    31. This ~retro~ Tunisian t-shirt is a great alternative to an expensive football jersey.

    32. Suarez might've made headlines last World Cup for biting someone, but this time around he's ready to win. This t-shirt is a fun way to celebrate the goals he'll probably score.