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This 45-Year-Old Woman Threw Herself The Quinceañera Party She Never Had And It Looks Incredible

Cuarenta y cincoañera and killing it!

This is Lorena Del Carmen Navarro. Though she's not 15, she recently threw a quinces party to celebrate turning 45 years young. This birthday rebel didn't stick by the rules and showed everyone that it's never too late to be a quinceañera.

My mom didn’t get to have a 15ñera when she was 15 so she had one at 45... look at how happy she was😩❤️

Her son Saúl, whose tweet has been liked over 97 thousand times, told As/Is she has been dreaming about her quinces since she was a young girl, but never celebrated it because her parents couldn't afford it. She planned on throwing a quinces party when she turned thirty, but she couldn't go through with it because she was on bed rest while pregnant with her second child.


But about three years ago, she decided 45 was the year when her quinceañera dreams would finally come true. And that's how she became a ~cuarenta y cincoañera~.

Navarro went all out for her quince años! She had a quinceañera mass before the party.

Kazzandra Martinez

*A catholic tradition where quinceañeras receive Holy Communion and renew their baptismal promise.

She waltzed to Ed Sheeran's "Perfect", a dance which was choreographed by her son Renato.


The party was amazing and people can seem to get over how happy she looked.

@saul_i_rmrz @deletehanzo This is absolutely lovely! Mira nomas que feliz esta!! Good on all of y’all for helping with this, they’re never a one person operation. 👏👏

@saul_i_rmrz tell her she's gorgeous. this whole thing makes me happy.



@saul_i_rmrz She looks so happy it make me happy 😭😭💓

"Personally I'm just so happy for her because she truly is such an amazing woman and deserves as much love and recognition as possible. She’s incredible and deserves all of this and more," Saúl told As/Is.

And Saúl is happy his tweet might've inspired others to throw a quinceañera even if they're not 15. "My mom seems to have inspired so many people to realize that you are only as old as you feel. There have been so many women who didn't get a chance at a much deserved party, who have pledged to have one now after seeing this tweet. It's crazy and it makes me so happy, not just for my mother, but for all these women."

And though Navarro didn't know what going viral meant before her son's tweet, she's humbled by people's reaction. "Overall, she's thankful! Now, after a few days, and after people and family friends have brought it to her attention, she doesn't know how to take it all in, but she's humbled," Saúl told BuzzFeed.

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